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Spotlight on: Tziporah Salamon

For our PF15 Tesserae campaign we called upon the inimitable Tziporah Salamon. A model, fashion consultant and actress, Tziporah wears many hats (literally). We couldn’t think of anyone who better represents the spirit of our new collection than Tziporah, as her artistic approach to dressing involves collaging various wardrobe pieces together to tell one unified story. Her style and personality truly capture the essence of our PF15 line – a collection heavily inspired by ancient and contemporary artwork, featuring collages of semi-precious stones and mosaic work that identifies with Tziporah’s own historically rich outfits.

Read more about our Tesserae muse in the Q+A below (PS… follow her on Instagram: @tziporahsalamon):

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who is Tziporah Salamon? 

The most important thing to note is that my parents were both tailors and my mother was a dressmaker. So from day one they were making clothes for me. My parents were both amazingly gifted craftspeople – while I was sleeping they were sewing. When my father’s sister moved to America she married the Vice President of Neiman Marcus so as a girl I really had the best clothes that hands could make. The bar was raised high from an early age! Basically my language is the language of clothes and it’s the language I’m most comfortable with. Today I work as a style consultant, teaching seminars called The Art of Dressing in which I use my clothes to teach the principals of good style. I am also a performer – telling stories and showcasing clothes from the past 30 years. Oh, and of course I model, but you know that!

How were you first introduced to designer Lisa Salzer and the Lulu Frost brand?

I met Lisa's fiancé Marlon when he and I worked at What Goes Around Comes Around. At the time, Lisa and Marlon had just started dating and he kept telling me how excited he was for me to meet this incredible woman. When I met her it was all love – she felt so right for him and for me! I consider them family. There really is such a strong bond.

What is your philosophy when it comes to dressing? 

Dressing is an art form. For me it’s really a painting and the ensemble has to be organic and balanced - every component every piece in the outfit has to tell the same story otherwise something will look off even if you don’t know why. Before I buy anything I ask myself “Do I want to have this for the rest of my life?” I also don’t follow trends – I have very high standards. Dressing is the most creative act. Everyday we have the chance to impart to the world who we are.

Who is your fashion idol? Why?

I don’t like the word idol. But some people whose style I admire are Coco Chanel, Diana Vreeland, Charlie Chaplin…Of course my mother and aunt were impeccable.

Do you abide by any “rules” when it comes to styling your accessories?

Everything just has to tell the same story. For instance, when I am doing oriental I wear oriental jewelry when I am doing European green I like the bangles to be green and if it’s Chinese I wear Chinese earrings with jade. A beautiful string of pearls is the only exception that I’ll wear with anything because those are just classy.

What is your most cherished piece of jewelry and why?

Two of my mother’s gold linked bracelets from the 40s, which are killer. Also my fathers pink gold watch. The watch and the bracelets were the first things he bought when my parents were making money when they came out of the holocaust camps.

One piece of style advice?

Get to know who you are, get to know your body. Be daring and really think about what you want to tell the world as far as what you look like. Be serious but also play with it. Take it up a notch and then another notch!

Fill in the blank: Jewelry has the power to… totally enhance an outfit and a mood.