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Weddings: Bonnie & Zander

We like to celebrate life's special moments, whether weddings, birthdays, or other important events. In our "Celebrations" series we feature customers who choose Lulu Frost for meaningful occasions. This post spotlights Bonnie & her husband Zander who met the modern way, through the much used dating app, Tinder. Scroll down to read more about her big day and her jewelry of choice.

Okay…tell us more about how you met?

We met using the dating app Tinder! At the time, I had a pixie cut. Zander's opening line was to tell me how much he liked my hair. After chatting for a few days through Tinder, we met at a local bar in San Francisco. We immediately hit it off -- come to find out, we were both born and raised in Texas, only about an hour away from each other. We began dating and the rest is history.

Where did you tie the knot?

In San Francisco, at the Fort Mason General's Residence. The General's Residence overlooks the bay, Alcatraz, and Ghirardelli Square. Needless to say, the views are amazing! Historically, the Residence served as the home for commanding officers at the Fort Mason army base. The Residence has regal touches like ornate hardwood floors, fireplaces, and chandeliers.

Now… tell us about the dress?

The dress is by a Spanish designer named Rosa Clara, called the Saboya. I wanted a sleek dress to show off my figure, and to make it easier to move around in during the reception. My favorite part of the dress was the low back with ornate beading. Given the history and beauty of the General's Residence, I chose an art deco theme for the wedding, and the dress fit in perfectly with the theme. 

Why Lulu Frost on your special day?

My best friend wore Lulu on her wedding day, and she was my inspiration! Lulu has several art deco pieces that complimented the theme of the wedding. I was growing out my hair (from the pixie cut that first caught Zander's attention) and needed a comb to secure my short hair. I chose the Larkspur comb for my own hair, and the Brigitte comb for the two attendants (mine and Zander's sisters). The combs made a very cohesive effect for the wedding party!

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Photo by: Marshall

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

I asked Zander about this question, and we both agree that the best moment was listening to and participating in the ceremony. The transition of being unmarried to married was so powerful. Our friend Erik officiated the wedding. Erik writes poetry and even raps, and his ceremony showcased his creativity.

Any advice for future brides?

The best advice I received was to pause every once in a while, look around, take it all in, and really appreciate every moment. I tried hard to incorporate that advice, and I'm glad that I did!

Cheers to this happy couple!