L&C Gaia Nuit Electrique

L&C Gaia Nuit Electrique

$165.00 16500

Our Gaia Nuit Electrique (Electric Night) is like a spark in the night, a lightning bolt for your wardrobe.  We love this simple yet sophisticated style, hand-knotted in 100% recycled cotton and woven through with glowing VSilk (vegetal silk) cord from Greece in a winding whipstitch.  The base of the necklace is hand-made by Cat in the timeless snake knot, often employed in ancient Chinese culture as a visual symbol of two intertwined snakes.  Considered to be the guardian of treasures, the snake symbolizes good fortune and wisdom.  We've woven the inky black base with four cool silk colors, including teal, amethyst, henna and saffron to take you from day to night and back again.  Each necklace is finished with an easy-on easy-off magnetic closure and custom Lulu & Cat logo disc.

More about the collaboration:

We're so excited to bring you Lulu & Cat - a new collaboration between artist Cat Donohue and Lulu Frost founder Lisa Salzer.  Cat is a talented fiber artist who creates large-scale work, and for this unique collection of jewelry, she hand-weaves each piece, one knot at a time.  Lisa and team then add classic Lulu Frost custom hardware and bespoke hand-beading in a variety of vintage and antique beads, freshwater pearls, and precious/semi-precious gemstones.  Adorned with a custom charm tag, these Lulu & Cat pieces remind you to "find a smile".  

Please allow 2-4 weeks for production, as each piece is custom-made as per your order.  Thank you for your patience.  

100% recycled cotton, VSilk (vegetal silk) from Greece, gold-plated brass, brass and steel magnetic closure.

18" standard, can be customized (kindly request length of choice in the Notes box at checkout).  Price may vary.