L&C Isla L’explosion Coton

L&C Isla L’explosion Coton

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Raw Denim

Our joyful Isla L'Explosion is just that - a burst of vibrant color and texture sewn onto fabulous knots one gem and bauble at a time.  A beautifully beaded style, this energetic necklace is hand-woven by Cat in a classic chain knot.  This knot is often used by climbers and sailors to store rope neatly and is made out of a series of consecutive loops that lock into each other securely.

Using soft 100% recycled cotton in either strawberry or raw denim, each (similarly) one-of-a-kind piece is hand-embroidered by Lulu and team with natural freshwater pearls and gemstones, such as genuine coral, amazonite, turquoise, and others along with antique glass beading circa 1900 - 1960.  An easy-on easy-off magnet closure is complemented by custom Lulu Frost hardware and a Lulu & Cat logo charm disc. 

More about the collaboration:

We're so excited to bring you Lulu & Cat - a new collaboration between artist Cat Donohue and Lulu Frost founder Lisa Salzer.  Cat is a talented fiber artist who creates large-scale work, and for this unique collection of jewelry, she hand-weaves each piece, one knot at a time.  Lisa and team then add classic Lulu Frost custom hardware and bespoke hand-beading in a variety of vintage and antique beads, freshwater pearls, and precious/semi-precious gemstones.  Adorned with a custom charm tag, these Lulu & Cat pieces remind you to "find a smile".  

Please allow 2-4 weeks for production, as each piece is custom-made as per your order.  Thank you for your patience.  

100% recycled cotton, natural freshwater pearls, coral, amazonite, turquoise, quartz, antique glass, gold-plated brass, brass and steel magnet closure.  Subtle variations in stone and vintage beading add character to each one-of-a-kind piece.  

20", can be customized (kindly request length of choice in the Notes box at checkout).  Price may vary.