FEBRUARY 6, 2023

Lisa Salzer (aka Lulu Frost) and Cat Donohue met in 2020 through a dear mutual friend who thought they should know each other. They checked out one another’s IG accounts, and mutually admired and respected each woman’s work - Lisa’s jewelry creations and Cat’s unique fiberart.

Upon realizing they lived only a short drive apart, they met in person and a “creative match made on Long Island” was born. 

Lisa and Cat’s first encounter felt like the meeting of old friends, perhaps from another lifetime; two creative soul-sisters whose paths happened to cross in a little town by the beach. Their shared love for fashion, nature and the simple pleasures of life bonded them quickly.

It was only a matter of time until the creative energy flowing between the two friends caught fire. Lisa’s passion and deep knowledge for antique jewelry and jewelry-making and Cat’s European fashion background and love of knotting melded with one another in a joyful and prolific intersection.

Lulu and Cat create as two imagined mermaids might, hunting the seascapes of their beloved homes on the Long Island Sound for fresh ideas and unusual treasures, catching precious gems and pearls in their woven nets. Through a contemplative process of individual and collaborative work, Lulu & Cat knot, sew and bead their way forward while creating simultaneously strong and delicate handmade jewelry. They draw much joy from sharing their love for beauty with their wonderful clients near and far.

Lulu & Cat pieces are hand-crafted with European braided cotton, vegetal silk from Greece and genuine nylon dockline woven in the USA. Antique Czech glass beads, freshwater pearls and a plethora of precious and semi-precious gemstones are hand-selected and stitched to embellish the knotted creations. All work is made-to-order and can be customized in design and size to suit individual client concepts.