Antique 12 Karat "JO" Joyous Occasions Hand-Engraved Charm

Antique 12 Karat "JO" Joyous Occasions Hand-Engraved Charm

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Our signature style comes to life in these very special hand-engraved charms, merging the past with a modern-day lens. Our designer Lisa Salzer finds antique Victorian monogram lockets, beautiful in their own right, and engraved with long-forgotten initials from people of the past. Lisa reimagines the initials - in this case, a beautifully engraved "JO", circa 1890. Lisa engraved on the reverse of the locket the phrase "Joyous Occasions" with blossoms and leaves to celebrate the original owner while bringing the letters into the modern day, with a very happy twist. One-of-a-kind.

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12 karat gold, goldplated brass.

1 3/8" total drop (including fob clip) x 1/2" at widest.