Cora La Perle

Cora La Perle

$225.00 22500
Pink Dockline/White Pearl
Turquoise Dockline/Peacock Pearl
Black Dockline/Peacock Pearl
Neon Pink Dockline/White Pearl

One of our bold mixed-media styles, the Cora La Pearl is a hitch knot hand made with nylon 1/4" dock line which is then woven with a color-contrast silky nylon string knotted with freshwater 12mm pearls.     An easy-on easy-off magnet closure is complemented by custom Lulu Frost hardware and a Lulu & Cat logo charm disc. 

About the collab: We're so excited to bring you Lulu & Cat, a co-creation from friends Cat Donohue and Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer. Cat is a talented fiber artist who creates large-scale artworks, and for this unique collection of jewelry, she hand-makes each piece, one knot at a time. Lisa then adds classic Lulu Frost custom hardware and bespoke hand-beading in a variety of vintage and antique beads, freshwater pearls, and precious/semi-precious gemstones. Adorned with a custom charm tag, these Lulu & Cat pieces remind you to "find a smile".  

Cotton cording, natural freshwater pearls, labradorite, amazonite, quartz, antique glass, gold-plated brass, brass and steel magnet closure.