Elizabeth Agate Amethyst Ruby Yellow Topaz Gem Charms Necklace

Elizabeth Agate Amethyst Ruby Yellow Topaz Gem Charms Necklace

$1,200.00 120000

Never met a gemstone charm necklace we didn't like, how about you?  This fascinating combination includes and antique Victorian double reverse-set 12kt rose gold disc adorned with high-relief hand carved bloodstone and banded agate on the reverse.  Beautiful and clean.  Our designer Lisa adds a dose of modern with four hand-cut and hand-set (14kt gold settings) gemstones, including a raspberry-pink oval ruby, a round faceted amethyst of clear clean purple, a vibrant brilliant-cut yellow topaz, and a square cut gree peridot.  Modern and Vintage all at once, classic Lulu Frost.  a vintage 14kt yellow gold box chain completes the look.  

Inspired by eclecticism with a touch of punk, the ELIZABETH Collection is an ongoing rotation of work that embodies Lulu Frost - a combination of old English roots with a high-flying free spirit.  Be Lulu, Be You.

14kt gold, gold plated brass lobster clasp, peridot, amethyst, ruby, yellow topaz, 12karat rose gold, bloodstone, banded agate.

18 1/4" long. Pendant is 7/8" long x 3/4" at widest.