Mama Farm + Lulu Frost Honey Charm Necklace

Mama Farm + Lulu Frost Honey Charm Necklace

$175.00 17500

I was so excited when my friend Elettra Wiedemann, daughter of Isabella Rossellini and grand-daughter of Ingrid Bergman, asked me to collaborate on a very special idea she had. When Elettra was little, she had a necklace with a jar full of honey pendant. We decided to create a modern-day version, and our glass jar holds the precise amount of honey that one honeybee makes in her entire lifetime. This sweet reminder of the preciousness of life is a treasure that can be worn around your neck or gifted to your loved ones. The glass jar charm is fully removable from the custom cable chain, and so can be worn with other charms or chains for a look you create.  Gold-plated brass complements the beautiful amber honey, which comes straight from Mama Farm's own bees. This necklace can serve as a reminder to pause from time to time to thank Mother Earth and her amazing creatures. Here's to a very sweet New Year for us all.

Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping, as we are operating with a smaller staff at the moment. We so appreciate your patience. Thank you.  

Glass honey jar, Mama Farm honey, gold-plated brass jar holder, gold-plated brass cable chain

18" length with 2" extender, removable charm measures 1 7/8" length x 1/2" width.