Frost Fine Diamond Ouroboros Medallion Charm - 14k Gold

Frost Fine Diamond Ouroboros Medallion Charm - 14k Gold

$1,195.00 119500

The Ouroboros or serpent eating its own tail is an ancient symbol dating back to the Egyptians. The figure eight ouroboros not only references eternity, but more importantly the cycles of nature: creation out of destruction in an eternal cycle of renewal. The words "What goes around, comes around" gleam from black enamel, reminding us that the energy we put out in the universe eventually comes back to us and to focus on putting out positive efforts to support others and that love will eventually be returned to us. This elegant medallion charm is finished with two sparkling diamonds that reference light and rebirth.

Please note: Our Frost Fine Charms are compatible with any Frost Fine Hoop Earring or Necklace Chain as well as our Plaza Rectangle Link Chains and Plaza Beaded Necklace Bases. 

**Please allow approximately 4-8 weeks for delivery**

14k gold, diamond, enamel.

1 3/4" total drop x 3/4" at widest