March 12, 2018

We recently had the honor of crafting a custom piece for one of Lulu Frost's dearest customers (turned friend!), Marlene. Using several of her precious family heirloom pieces, she worked with Founder & Creative Director Lisa Salzer-Wiles to create a stunning one-of-a-kind necklace that is sure to be cherished for generations to come.

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We caught up with Marlene to talk about the significance of family heirlooms, our shared love of vintage jewelry and her plans for this special piece.

Q: What is your history with jewelry?

A: I didn't remember wearing much jewelry as a young girl, but I do remember always looking in my Mother's jewelry drawer and being fascinated by the shiny pieces, espcially anything with marcasite. She had one particular piece, a large round marcasite pin with her initials, which I loved. She only wore it for special occasions; otherwise it stayed in the drawer. My parents did not have a lot of money and it appears most of the pieces were not impulse purchases. Rather they were saved for and revered.

My Mother and Grandmother circa 1932

Q: How did you decide to combine your heirlooms into one piece?

A: One day last year, I was looking at my Mother's marcasite pin. At the same time, I also had a marcasite pin with my Grandmother's initials. I thought Lisa could design something using the two brooches and my "sweet sixteen" pearls from my parents. I distinctly remember receiving the pearls at my sweet sixteen family party. They were so beautiful. I kept them and wore them for over 50 years. All three of these things represented important family memories. I never imagined that Lisa and her team of designers could work such magic. From creating a piece with my initials, to using my pearls in ingenious ways (the clasp dangles from my Grandmother's pin), I was in love.

Q: Any plans for the future of the piece?

A: I have already told my Son and Daughter-in-law that the piece will eventually be given to my Granddaughter, Ellie. Ellie is only 5 years old, but I do hope she will appreciate it some day. Today I have some of Lisa's older pieces in a box marked "Ellie Dress-Up". Ellie loves to wear each piece, and takes the box out each time she visits. A future customer! At Ellie's baby naming, I gave her parents a ring that my Grandmother gave to me when I turned 13. I wrote a long letter to be given to Ellie outlining the history of the ring. I shall now prepare such a letter about this magnificent part of my family history, and the role that Lisa and team had in its creation.

My very stylish Mother in 1939

Q: What is it about vintage jewelry that resonates with you?

A: When I was working, I was always known for wearing an eclectic collection of jewelry. My clothes and accessories were always just a bit different. Even my reading glasses were unusual. I felt comfortable in vintage: seemed as if I was old before my time. And thus I came to know Lulu Frost. My love began with J.Crew where I purchased some Lulu Frost brooches and necklaces. When something was sold out, I decided to search for other sources. Voila! I found the Lulu Frost site. Heaven! It seemed as if each vintage piece on the site was calling me. I started a vast collection, compliments were numerous each time I wore a one-of-a-kind necklace or brooch.

Me, wearing my Mother's pin with her initials 'BHP' circa 1990s.

Q: Now that you have the finished piece, where and how will you wear it?

A: Finally seeing the piece made me want to wear it everywhere. It's strange, but I have still not worn it. Appears I am just like my late, beloved Mother... keeping the piece for a special occasion.