April 2, 2019

This spring, we hand-selected a group of our favorite #LuluFrostWomen to share their unique take on personal style. Next up in our series is Cassandra Garcia - a longtime friend of the brand and top Makeup Artist at Bobbi Brown. She graciously invited us into her gorgeous Chelsea apartment, which she shares with her boyfriend Nick and their sweet rescue pup Renly, so that we could swoon over her impressive Lulu Frost archive and get the scoop on her best spring beauty tricks.

Q: Tell us about your journey from working at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter in San Diego to Global Editorial Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown here in NYC?

A: I never thought I would end up being a Makeup Artist. I went to school for early childhood psychology but a friend of mine always liked the way I did my makeup, so one day she asked me to do hers and then it turned into all my friends (ha). From there I was looking for a part-time job and she suggested I work at Nordstrom while at University. I started and was really inspired by Bobbi Brown's message and approach to makeup - "every woman wants to feel like herself just more confident". I worked at the counter for four and a half years and then a month after graduating I moved to NYC and became a temp in our offices, freelancing around the city. Bobbi took me under her wing and really taught me so much. In fact, Bobbi was the one who introduced me to Lisa and I am so grateful! I've now been in NYC for 11 years.

Q: You're behind the gorgeous faces of some of our favorite women, from Kate McKinnon to Vanessa Bayer to Aidy Bryant to Gabourey Sidibe. Is there a makeup trick that you love that is universally flattering?

A: Everyone looks amazing with great skin! So I love to perfect complexion and then have some fun with the rest of it all. I love to bring out the glamour in everyone! My favorite part about my job is that I get to make someone feel good about themselves and I have so much fun doing it. I also love that makeup is ever-changing and not permanent, so you can have fun with it!

Q: What's your personal mantra when it comes to getting ready in the morning?

A: Simple and chic - my most important must haves in this order:
1. Brows - my amazing Mama taught me to never leave the house without brows and now I feel the same way today.
2. Concealer - because I don't look awake without it.
3. Blush, bronzer and highlighter!
4. Whatever lipstick I'm feeling that day - usually a red.

Q: What do you throw on to take your look from day to night?

A: Usually I just throw on a red lip because that is the easiest but when I have time I love to do a smokey eye. I love experimenting with looks and it is part of my job so I am always trying something new. 

Q: What are some beauty secrets you've learned from your mother and/or grandmother?

A: Grandma never left the house without lipstick. And from my Mom - always, always, always wash your face at night. When I go home she leaves makeup remover and cotton on my nightstand to ensure I don't get lazy, ha.

Q: Tell us about the jewelry that you wear everyday?

A: I wear my Zodiac signs everyday, Pisces and Leo (rising) on one side and then Code studs on my other side which say "hot" and "love" - because who doesn't want hot love in their lives? I can't leave home without earrings, another thing my Mom taught me. I also wear my Code number rings as well for my favorite number 10 and a Code ring that spells out "passion" which is something I try to bring to life and work everyday. 

Q: We're still swooning over your amazing apartment. What are some of your favorite decor aspects of your home?

A: Thank you so much! Nick and I truly found our dream apartment. I love a cozy comfortable home with pops of color. I also love to collect things from our travels that remind me of far off places. I love to be reminded of adventures and the joy that I have had being in different places.

Q: You've got a seriously impressive archive of Lulu Frost jewels - if you had to pick a favorite or two, which would they be?

A: Besides the goodies I wear everyday, the Evil Eye Earrings are so good and a pair of door knockers that are just so chic and classic. I love how Lulu Frost jewelry is so unique and always elevates my look. 

Q: Have you always been drawn to jewelry? Or is something that you've gravitated more towards in recent years?

Q: Complete the sentence: When I wear Lulu Frost I feel...

A: Unique and glamourous.