May 3, 2019

This spring, we hand-selected a group of our favorite #LuluFrostWomen to share their unique take on personal style. To cap off our series, we caught up with Frances Estrada - a Latina style blogger, international jet-setter, and certified Pharmacist (a triple threat!) to talk about how living in NYC has changed her life, the best advice her Mom gave her and the trends she can't wait to wear this season.

Q: You were born and raised in Puerto Rico. How did the culture there impact your personal style?

A: Because of the all-year summer weather (it's a tropical island!), my style was very colorful and fresh with lots of skirts and dresses. I feel that weather has a major impact on people's style, even more than culture.

Q: And has your style changed at all since moving to NYC?

A: Oh yes! I feel that when I moved to NYC I started being more confident in what I wanted to wear. In Puerto Rico, if you want to go all out people will start staring at you (many there don't like to get out of their comfort zone because of what others may think), but in NYC you see every style on the streets and people won't judge. On the contrary, they stop and ask where your outfit is from. When I moved to NYC I changed my wardrobe, and I was super excited to be able to wear anything I wanted!

Q: Is there a style tip you'd share with us that's been passed down to you from your mother or grandmother?

A: Of course! My mother always told me 2 things: 1) You don't need to show too much in order to look sexy, and 2) You can make an outfit stand out with jewelry!

Q: You've got a doctorate degree in Pharmacy but also a full-time career as a style blogger. Tell us what drew you to each of those very different fields?

A: My parents are pharmacy owners in PR (Puerto Rico), so I was raised in pharmacies and really wanted to be like my Mom when I grew up. But I also had a passion for fashion. After my Bachelor's Degree, my Mother told me I could pursue any career I wanted. I applied to both a school of fashion (in California) and a school of pharmacy (in NYC) and was letting destiny decide for me. Destiny didn't want to make it easy on me... I got accepted to both schools at the same time. I ended up choosing NYC as pharmacy school was difficult to get in to and fashion is also big here. However, when I had applied to fashion school for styling, I needed a portfolio but didn't know any models - so I decided to open a web page and take pictures of myself wearing clothes and present that to the school as my portfolio. A month later a brand's PR called me asking to collaborate and explained that a blog could be a way to work with brands - and that's how The Pecking Order started in 2014. While I studied in pharmacy, school was very hard so my blog became just a hobby. It wasn't until a year and a half ago that I really started creating continuous content, and since I graduated last year the blog has become my job.

Q: What advice would you give young women looking to try a new career path or explore their passions?

A: To not be afraid of what can happen. Just follow your dreams and work hard for them! I had a Professor once tell me "You don't want to be sitting in a chair at 80 asking yourself what would have happened if I would have done this or that."

Q: Tell us about the jewelry that you wear everyday?

A: On my left wrist alone, I have a total of 11 bracelets I never take off! I also usually wear a pair of gold hoops, 4 rings and 3 or 4 layered gold chain necklaces.

Q: Have you always been drawn to jewelry? Or is it something that you've gravitated more towards in recent years? 

A: For me, jewelry is everything! I've been wearing jewelry for as long as I can remember. As one of my followers once said "It's the sprinkles on the ice cream!" - as it completes any outfit.

Q: Tell us what it is you like about the Lulu Frost pieces you picked out for spring?

A: My all time favorites are the Plaza charm bracelet that I made custom and the Boboli Statement Earrings. I love them because they look bold and always stand out. Plus pearls and charms are big trends this Spring/Summer season.

Q: Complete the sentence: When I wear Lulu Frost I feel...

A: Strong, confident and ready for the world.