April 19, 2019

This spring, we hand-selected a group of our favorite #LuluFrostWomen to share their unique take on personal style. Next up in our series is JADALAREIGN - a born and raised New Yorker, game-changing DJ and inspiring advocate of female empowerment. We caught up with Jada on a still chilly Spring day and asked her to dish on everything from what songs are guaranteed to get people on the dance floor to finding your path in a male-dominated industry to the style lessons she learned from her mother.

Q: As a born & bred New Yorker, how has this city influenced your style?

A: Living in New York inspires me to embrace all elements of my personal style, to dress intuitively, and the be bold and wear exactly what I feel. Also, as a freelancer living in a city like New York, I've learned to get really creative on a budget, with an emphasis on staples like jackets and shoes, jewelry (I LOVE earrings) and other statement pieces. It's fun to play with different makeup styles too.

Q: What do you love most about being a DJ?

A: I love the absolute freedom I feel, inside and outside of the booth. I enjoy a schedule of my own design and I get to share my deepest passion with the world and call it my career.

Q: We love how outspoken you are about creating space in the music industry for female DJs. What have you learned from being a woman working in a typically male-dominated industry?

A: Ultimately, I've learned it's really important for women to work hard, remain true to self, and advocate for ourselves and each other in order to evolve the culture. I've learned that, while we have a long way to go to achieve equality in this industry, we can create really strong, viable communities of women. The exchange of camaraderie, support and knowledge is inspiring and as a community we begin to defy industry norms and normalize our existence in certain spaces.

Q: What are your top 3 songs to get people dancing?

A: Crystal Waters - "100 Percent Pure Love"
Cameo - "Candy"
Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much"

Q: What's your go-to "uniform" when working a set?

A: Something stylish but comfortable, and always breathable. Usually sneakers or flat shoes.

Q: Tell us about the jewelry that you wear everyday?

A: 99% of the time I have on earrings. Usually some hoops or funky dangling earrings. I also always wear my gold nameplate necklace I designed when I was in high school.

Q: Have you always been drawn to jewelry? Or is it something that you've gravitated more towards in recent years? 

A: I've always been drawn to jewelry. My mom always had such an amazing jewelry collection and she used to design her own. She wore a lot of gold and rose gold pieces, turquoise, diamonds... you name it.

Q: Is there a style tip you'd share with us that's been passed down to you from your mother or grandmother?

A: I adopted my mother's love of utility. She raised three children close in age, so no matter how fly she looked, she always kept utility and comfort in mind. She always loved to wear bodysuits, breathable dresses and really nice fabrics: cottons, silks and wools. And she would always wear comfortable shoes, whether they were sneakers or heels. 

Q: Complete the sentence: When I wear Lulu Frost I feel...

A: Regal!