October 2, 2019

For FW19, we hand-selected a group of inspiring and diverse "Muses" to share their unique take on personal style and our newest collection: Alchemy. Next up in the series, Anthony Urbano - a digital influencer that always has his finger on the pulse of NYC's street style. We caught up with Anthony to chat NYC vs LA, borrowing inspiration from womenswear and the one style tip that always keeps him looking fresh.

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Q: You're originally from New Jersey but have been a New Yorker for years now - would you ever leave NYC? And if so, where would you go?

A: There was a time that I thought I'd leave NYC for some warmer weather in LA but I'm an east coaster for life so that didn't work out in the end. If I ever left NYC, it would probably be to move back to NJ to spread out in a bigger home and be closer to family.

Q: You began your career in structural engineering which sounds like a world away from being a digital influencer. Have you always felt a pull towards fashion? What gave you the courage to make that career shift?

A: I was always into fashion and expressing myself through personal style from a young age but it always felt more like a hobby or a passion not an industry that I ever thought I'd work in. As I started my blog on the side while working as an engineer, I realized that there was an opportunity to profit off of it and that it was something I really enjoyed. I worked hard at producing content for my site and social channels, went out to every event to network and make friends, and save a bunch of money as a "safety cushion". Once I felt like I had established myself enough, I quit my engineering job, knowing that if I never took the leap, I'd probably be regretting the missed opportunity years later. So far it's been the most life changing decision I've ever made and I have no regrets! 

Q: Our FW19 'Alchemy' collection is all about transformation. How do you feel that your own personal style has transformed in recent years and what are some of the influences that sparked those changes?

A: My style has constantly changed throughout my life and in the recent years that I've been showcasing my style on my blog and social platforms it's changed even more. When I first started posting daily outfits I was super preppy and trad in bowties, blazer and tailored pieces and then being influenced by the fashion industry and latest trends I gradually shifted towards more casual outfits and embraced streetwear and oversized silhouettes. I was never afraid to experiment with something new so as the fashion trends changed I've always been pretty quick to try out what I liked and adapt to new ideas of dressing early on.

Q: We love that so many outdated "rules" surrounding gender and fashion are being broken these days. The ladies are wearing dad sneakers and the guys are rocking killer manicures. It finally feels like anyone can wear anything they want. What is a trend that you're excited to try?

A: That's one of my favorite things about fashion these days too. There are no real rules dictating what's acceptable to wear. For the most part, womenswear has always been so far ahead of menswear so these days I find myself scanning through the women's section at stores or online for pieces that aren't available to guys yet. I love that crossbody and shoulder bags are not just for women anymore but guys can rock them too. Silk blouses, heeled western boots, high rise pants, wide leg pants and flares, and even pearl necklaces are all things that have been typically seen as women's trends but now I've seen guys (myself included) incorporate these elements into their own looks lately.

Q: There's a lot of talk about authenticity in the social sphere. You have always seemed to stay really true to who you are, what keeps you feeling grounded?

A: It hasn't always been easy for me to accept that I can do things my way and be successful in this space. A lot of times I'd feel like I have to look, dress or do what everyone else was doing because it was working for them so I should conform in order to be successful. The thing is even if I tried to curb myself and portray a certain image that was more accepted it just didn't feel like me and I wouldn't be able to do it. I think having a strong sense of self and being confident in that regardless of the outcome has helped me stay true. And having a good support system of family and friends inside and outside of the social sphere keeps me super grounded and rooted in who I am.

Q: What's your go-to "uniform" for a day running around NYC?

A: To be honest I don't really have a uniform. With me it's either all or nothing. If I'm running around doing errands you'll usually find me in gym clothes or sweats and a cap with my bike and big Ikea tote carrying a million things. But if it's a day where I'm going to an event or shooting outfits for my blog I'm like over the top in a full head-to-toe look like it's fashion week, haha. If I had to pick something for a "normal" day that I could wear for whatever it would probably be an oversized hoodie, black jeans, and my Nike AF1's.

Q: Tell us about the jewelry pieces you wear everyday:

A: I wear my gold letter A initial charm choker necklace everyday. I usually don't even take it off most nights so it's always on. And then I have a pair of stainless steel small hoop earrings that I wear in each ear. I'll switch up the rest of my jewelry like bracelets, rings, additional necklaces depending on the outfit or occasion. 

Q: Have you always been drawn to jewelry? Or is it something that you've gravitated more towards in recent years?

A: Jewelry has actually just been a recent obsession of mine. In the past I didn't understand the need to wear any. It seemed like more work to take jewelry on and off each day but that's just because I never really thought about it or had pieces I really loved. Over the past 2 years I've created a collection of simple pieces that I really love and work well with my wardrobe so now I enjoy putting them on and how they complete a look.

Q: Is there a style tip you'd share with us that's been passed down to you from someone in your family?

A: Never underestimate the power of an iron or a steamer! This isn't so much a style tip but it's something that's stuck with me out of habit. When I was a kid my Mom would iron everything, even jeans and t-shirts, and she taught me to iron everything too. As a kid I didn't understand the need but now I see it's all about presentation. If you show up to a meeting, event or a party in a wrinkly shirt, it doesn't matter how expensive it is, you're gonna look sloppy. I'm not as extreme as steaming or ironing everything I own, but if there's wrinkles in it, I'll steam it before leaving the apartment.

Q: Complete the sentence: When I wear Lulu Frost I feel...

A: On point!