December 13, 2019

For our final muse of 2019, we called on Orange County-based Blogger + Stylist Beth Jones to put her signature eclectic, vintage-inspired spin on the latest Lulu Frost jewelry. Mixing eras and influences with ease, it’s not a surprise that we fell hard for the results. We caught up with Beth to chat all things vintage, how she gets out of a creative rut and why she’s still excited about blogging after all these years.

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Q: You're originally from South Carolina but have become a longtime Southern California resident - where do you feel most at home? Where do you feel most inspired?

A: Oh wow.. I feel so at home in both places! I grew up in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC and if you have seen any Nicholas Sparks movies set in the coastal south - that's where I grew up. It is one of the dreamiest places on Earth and my happiest place is on the water in the lowcountry (that's what we call it) with the salty-humid air blowing in my face. I think I cry everytime I come back and see it again. I love it there - it is my romantic soul's home. I now live in Orange County, CA which is my home, home and I love it. My husband and my two boys are my home and we have created a little haven in a mid-century house that I love. I'm so inspired here, but I also love revisiting the south for some fresh inspiration.

Q: You began your first blog way back in 2007, which means you've got over a decade of blogging under your belt! How have you adapted to the changing tides of the influencer landscape over the years and what makes you still excited about this space?

A: I say that I'm a grandma in this industry! I will have been doing this for 13 years in the new year... so crazy! Because I started when we didn't even know what blogs were and that people would read them, I watched everything change as it was happening. It has been a journey for me with big highs and big lows... but I love where it has taken me. After being burned out a bit in 2015, I got re-inspired by the idea of bringing my love of vintage/thrift hunting to Youtube and I started a channel. I started uploading videos every week in the spirit of "always playing dress up". This fabulous, creative community has been formed through my channel and I LOVE it! I love dreaming outside the box and bringing magic into the everyday! It honestly is SO MUCH FUN!! I am constantly inspired by the "always play dress up" family and they are what keeps me going and keeps me excited to create more magic! 

Q: From creating original content for your own social channels to styling others - you wear many creative hats. Where do you turn when you need fresh inspiration?

A: I love looking through fashion editorials from all the magazines, so I often visit which collects all the editorials from each magazine. I love to look through the runway collections, zooming in on styling details and noticing color pairings and such. I always look to Gucci if I'm in a rut! Great icons are fun to search on Pinterest - 80s Cindy Crawford, Bianca Jagger and Marilyn Monroe. My ultimate inspiration is always Carrie Bradshaw... so every now and then I'll rewatch some old episodes of SATC just to feel re-inspired.

Q: How has your own personal style transformed over the years and what are some of the major influences that sparked those changes?

A: I started coming into my own personal style a little in high school, but mainly in college - I think moving to California helped open my eyes to so much more style... and I found SO MANY THRIFT STORES to dig through!! I would leave class and spend hours at a large store called Savers full of so many vintage treasures. These pieces often inspired me to try new things. I still love so many of the same things... I guess because I love vintage pieces that have a timeless quality.

Q: You're a certified expert when it comes to vintage/thrift shopping. What advice would you give to someone who is nervous to jump into the game themselves?

A: Take some inspiration from stores that you love - like Zara or MNG. Look at the pieces they are selling. A great oversized classic blazer, a button-down blouse with a fun print, a fun sweater. Then head to the thrift store and tackle a few of those sections looking for a vintage version of the same things. So many current pieces are inspired by vintage originals. You will be surprised by what you find.

Q: We hate to make you play favorites - but do you have an all-time favorite vintage find?

A: A few of my vintage dresses will go to the very end with me. One in particular is this gorgeous burnt orange dress with gold embroidered butterflies on it. I think it is from the 60s and it has dramatic sleeves and a really dramatic deep cut in the front. It's SO SWOONY!

Q: Tell us about the jewelry pieces you wear everyday:

A: I repeat so much of my jewelry everyday - especially my rings and my necklaces. I wear a few estate rings that were gifts from my husband. I also wear his old high school ring on my right pointer finger. I've added the Lulu Frost Meta ring to my left middle ring and I love it mixed with my vintage pieces. 

Q: Have you always been drawn to jewelry? Or is it something that you've gravitated more towards in recent years?

A: I've worn the same ring mix for the last 15 years.. wow! I just realized that's a long time! I definitely developed my taste for jewelry once I was in my 20's and as I'm getting older I am having fun investing in really special pieces to mix with my vintage costume pieces.

Q: Is there a style tip you'd share with us that's been passed down to you from someone in your family?

A: Always wear lipstick! It's a southern thing... you never leave the house without it!

Q: Complete the sentence: When I wear Lulu Frost I feel...

A: MAGICAL! Each piece feels sprinkled in magic and feels extra special!