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SS17: Jardin And Carte Du Maroc Inspiration

When designer Lisa Salzer and her husband Marlon Taylor-Wiles traveled to Morocco and Southern Spain for their honeymoon in the fall of 2015, they were greeted with inspiration at every turn. From vibrant colors to hand-crafted wares to lush landscapes – Lisa returned brimming with ideas for our current SS17 collections. For Lulu Frost’s ‘Jardin’ that inspiration was interpreted into organically curved silhouettes and semi-precious beadwork and for George Frost’s ‘Carte de Maroc’ the trip translated into hand-woven fabrics and bold hues. Here – we share a few moments from that magical trip and the pieces they inspired.

The beauty of Moroccan architecture inspired the Majorelle series – which features a gorgeous perforated design reminiscent of the archways and doors of Marrakech. These pieces are dotted with natural turquoise and labradorite for a subtle statement.

Our Taros bracelets feature hand-woven strands of silk for a casual yet luxe take on Morocco’s famed weaving work.

Silhouetted in sleek two-tone silver and gold, the Botanica series features Lisa’s hand-drawn take on the natural plant-life spotted throughout her travels.

Like wandering through a dream come to life, the cool hues of Chefchaouen - aka The Blue City - are reflected in a beaded Morse Code necklace that spells the mantra ‘CALM’.

The incredibly intricate tilework spotted at this Kasbah inspired the casually cool Fontana series with its hand-strung labradorite rondelle beads and uniquely shaped goldtone elements.

Named for the coastal city of Essaouira, where endless blue skies and seas meet ancient Portuguese fort walls, this bracelet set features hand-strung African glass beads coupled with silver-plated Bali beads.