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Halloween is around the corner and there's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than peruse through old photos of childhood costumes. We asked everyone from team Lulu to share their favorite looks from the past and had a good laugh when the final photos were revealed. Take a walk down memory lane with us for some kooky and spooky outfit inspiration. What look are you donning come Friday?

{top left} “One of my best friends since childhood, this is Lulu Frost Director Sandra and I circa 1988 (Sandra on the right). It was a Halloween safari party where we donned our best koala and giraffe stamped tees. Somehow my mom happened to have a giraffe necklace carved of wood. Probably accounts or my love of animal jewelry!”  – Lisa, Founder

{top right} “I am who-knows-what: the kid behind me was my boyfriend at the time and the necklace I am wearing says his name: Bryce.” – Sloan, Logistics

{top left} “I don’t know who is more terrifying…my witchy sister or me - the mad scientist. Okay me, definitely me. Not one of my better looking moments!” – Lexi, Marketing  

{top right} “I was obsessed with dogs, especially Dalmatians, but this costume was very last minute so I had to make it work with sailor stripes.” – Lia, Production

{top left} “This day and age I make sure to wear pants with my Halloween costumes, but back then I could get away without them!” – Amy, Production

{top right} “I’m pretty sure I still make these hand gestures in my everyday life…” – Sandy, E-commerce

{top left} “Power Rangers was my favorite movie at the time so of course I had to be the Pink Ranger – who didn’t want to be her?!” – Thelma, Logistics

{top right} “I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz every single year. My childhood room was covered in Wizard of Oz memorabilia and my birthdays were always Wizard of Oz themed. It's safe to say that it was a major obsession - that never will really go away!” – Gabby, Design

{top left} “My mom made me wear this sweater because it was cold out and I threw a fit because it undermined my chic tutu.” – Alley, Production

{top right} "Loved this costume! Also, early 90s bangs were pretty cool. #princessemoticon" – Kathleen, Design

{top left} “The boy next to me was my neighbor and first kiss…I guess he didn’t mind my grumpy clown face and mismatched shoes!”  – Sandra, Director 

{top right} "My costume was inspired by my mother's vintage costume jewelry, I was so happy when she said I could wear it and be a princess for Halloween that I even slept in it that night!" – Lauren, Production