One thing we love about jewelry is that it has the power to reflect your mood, which can easily change at the drop of a hat. It's not always easy to choose a favorite style, but there are specific types of necklaces you should always have in your wardrobe. Maybe it's a delicate gold chain you wear day-to-day, or the statement style to wear for nights out. We asked a few Lulu staffers to tell us which styles they couldn't do without and why:

My approach to jewelry has always been from a sentimental standpoint - I never take off a ring passed down to me by my favorite great Aunt, I cherish a necklace that I picked up on a trip to Paris, and I love wearing these CODE fine jewelry numbers '1' and '3' to keep my lucky number 13 close. For me, jewelry serves as little tokens of my life's story. - Jess, GRAPHICS

My style is always evolving, but lately I’ve really focused on creating a time capsule wardrobe. I love our G&S Mezze Necklace, because it mixes 1950’s vintage elements with different metals, and it pairs well with denim slacks and a bomber jacket. It’s classic with an unexpected twist, which is so Lulu. - Jules, SALES & MARKETING

I would call myself a 'statement', because I love to match my jewelry to my personality, which is bold and fun! I love wearing the Daisy Statement Necklace – all of the layered flowers are beautiful and interesting. - Kathleen, DESIGN

I wish I could put myself into one category, but when it comes to jewelry I never know what sort of style I'll be feeling when I wake up in the morning. It could be something delicate or something statement - or maybe a totally random mix of it all. That's why it's important to have options... you never know what you're gonna get. Today, I'm loving the Veruschka Statement Necklace layered with our Plaza Number Necklace. Tomorrow? Well, not knowing is all the fun! - Lexi, MARKETING

I would definitely consider myself a minimalist - black is my favorite color! I like to choose my jewelry with the thought of it being a timeless piece that I will always love and wear. The Ursula Tassel Necklace is one of my favorites, because it can be worn with everything! A simple touch goes a long way. - Thelma, LOGISTICS