Get excited about our Fall Muse!  A published author, street style star, and blogger extraordinaire, this season’s influencer is truly one-of-a-kind (much like her curated collection suggests).  Her name is Leandra Medine, founder of the popular blog, The Man Repeller, which began in 2010 on the premise that women should wear what makes them happy, regardless of what men think.  Her point of view resonates with many as she quickly attracted a huge audience of fashion enthusiasts who not only appreciate her avant-garde style but also adore her quirky, yet intellectual, personality. 

A lover of vintage, New York City and whimsical jewelry, Leandra embodies the Lulu Frost “girl.”  Read our Q+A with Leandra below and shop her favorite Lulu Frost styles in this curated collection(including the Custom Plaza necklaces Lisa designed for her in our Flatiron studio).


Lulu: Your least favorite interview question?

Leandra: "How did you get started?" I know it seems like the obvious and most important question to ask, but as a journalism student, we were always taught not to ask the questions you can easily answer yourself using Google.
Lulu: Coolest vintage piece you’ve ever purchased or inherited and the significance behind it? 
Leandra: Probably my Levi's 501s, which I wear about four times a week. I found them at a vintage shop when I was in Dallas last year and paid $3 for them. I also inherited this incredible round diamond brooch from my great grandmother who, bless her soul, passed away while playing slot machines in a casino in Florida when she was 97 years old.


Lulu: If you could have a drink with one icon from the past who would it be, where in NYC would you take him/her and what would you ask him/her? 

Leandra: Frank Sinatra - for sure. I'd ask him if he thinks his success as a show pony has been contingent on his being a Sagittarius because I too am one. Then I'd ask where he gets his hats and if he believes in unrequited love.
Lulu: Three personal goals (or goals for MR) you’re striving to achieve in 2015?
Leandra: 1. Wash my face more often, 2. Treat my body better, 3. Achieve a 5-garment uniform (jeans, striped shirts, grey sweaters, 2 inch pumps and calf-length boots).


Lulu: We’re sure you’re going to hit 1 million Instagram followers soon, what will you do to celebrate? 

Leandra: Create the most majestic 15 second video I am capable of producing.
Lulu: Best piece of advice you’ve ever got from your mom or dad?
Leandra: From my mom: you must do everything in moderation, except succeed. From my dad: You're only as smart as the people you surround yourself with.


Lulu: Last Netflix show/movie you watched?

Leandra: Jenny Slate's Obvious Child.
Lulu: Next book on your reading list?
Leandra: Amy Poehler's Yes Please.
Lulu: Your favorite magazine is?
Leandra: The New York Times' T Magazine. I think Deborah Needleman hit the nail on the head.
Lulu: If you could spell out a phrase using stacked CODE Word rings, what would it be?
Leandra: I am fortunate enough to have done this, and I spelled out my husband's name, Abie.


Lulu: One quote to live by?

Leandra: Everything worth doing is worth overdoing.
Lulu: Favorite NYC vintage store?
Leandra: Amarcord on Lafayette.
Lulu: Your power color?
Leandra: Green.
Lulu: If you were in a band, what would you play?
Lulu: If your life had a theme song?
Leandra: "Fly Me to The Moon"
Lulu: If you were an emoji you’d be…?
Leandra: Salsa girl!


Lulu: Last 3 Google searches?

Leandra: Real talk -- how to relieve constipation, what is a thigh gap and Margiela outerwear for cheap.
Lulu: What’s your lucky number and why?
Leandra: 5 -- it's the date of my mother's birth in January, an important number in spiritual Judaism (Hamsa) and I'm not entirely sure why, but I've always gravitated toward prime numbers. There's something definitive, unrelenting and individual about them.
Lulu: Fill in the blank: Jewelry has the power to ________.
Leandra: Eclipse clothing.