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What’s your favorite number or letter? That’s the question we asked our Instagram fans to answer as an entry into our latest contest. In line with the season’s theme of giving, we wrapped up 2014 with a giveaway that included one of our popular Plaza Necklaces. For the chance to win, we asked contestants to simply upload a photo that signified their favorite number or letter using the hashtag #PickYourPlaza (most creative entry took the win!). The submissions tugged at our hearts, from entries that spoke to family and loved ones to inspirational images of art and travel. See below for some our favorites as well as the winning photo, uploaded by @mariela_medinab.

{top left}: “What's in a name? As a child I use to doodle 'S' on everything, I identified with it because it was my first name initial. As I've grown, that "S" has become more than just a symbol of my name, it's become everything I am. I believe your name is your most identifying mark. Your name is your image, your brand, your introduction, your reputation, your first impression and your last impression. Your name is your past, your present and your future. Your name is your history, your family, your heritage, your pride, your spirit, your strength and your story. Your name is your beginning, your end, and the life you live every minute between. Your name encompasses everything you stand for. Your name was placed perfectly upon you so that you will carry it all ways, always. My name is Stephanie. What's your name?” - @stephaniemelish 

{top right}: “L is for Lacy. The letter L represents who I am as a person. I spend my days sewing, designing, & dreaming. I have a never ending love for Paris & New York. I collect all things pretty and never turn down a lovely piece of dessert. Life is just as sweet as a caramel latte, which I prefer to have in hand. #pickyourplaza #xxLulu @lulu_frost” - @lacyrosexo


{top left}: “Rumpled sheets, late night reads, and vintage rings. My name begins with 'R,' as do so many of my favorite things, and I could never choose a different favorite letter. Please, @lulu_frost, can you give me a way to wear it with pride? #pickyourplaza #lulufrost #vsco #collage #nails #essie #nothingelsemetals” - @rachelcoker95

{top right}: WINNER!!! “The letter #E is my favorite because of my nickname 'Ela' #pickyourplaza @lulu_frost #myself #Black #White” - @mariela_medinab


{top left}: “It is my belief that the letter 'F' is very much under-appreciated.  It tends to get a bad rap, you know.  For me, however, it represents my last name, the number of people in my tribe (FIVE! ), and my love of fashion- especially faux furs and accessories! #pickyourplaza” - @kelkru

{top right}: “A few of my favorite things: A picture from when we were a family of 2 instead of 5, my favorite piece of jewelry I've ever gotten and 'J,' my favorite letter in the whole world @lulu_frost  #PickYourPlaza #heregoesnothing.” - @allthingsbright3


{top left}: “e l e v e n.  My number.  I have always loved it (enough to get it tattooed on my wrist on November 11, 2011!) so I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this lifeguard stand I spied while in Oceanside with my family.   I have always made wishes + prayed at 11:11 (best part is you get two chances each day!) and my fav. verse is Jer.29:11” - @beautilitarian

{top right}: “IIB IIE //A IIU IIT III IIL III IIT //A IIR III //A IIN 'B' is for Beautilitarian, the marriage of form and function, and a way in which I strive to live my life each day; creating beauty in the ordinary and ensuring the beautiful is also useful.   Reflecting on some of my favorite shoots the past year... Special thanks to my lovely and talented friend @lesliegrow for generously capturing these images I had in my heart.  We had so much fun styling and playing all day to make my website dreams come true” - @beautilitarian


{top left}: “Love the number 8 - not too early not too late! #pickyourplaza” - @miss_polymath 

{top right}: “I would absolutely loooove to win a #lulufrostplaza necklace & it would have to include my favorite number 5!  Myself, hubby, & son were all born on the 5th of the month.  Pictured here are some of my '5' collection.  #PickYourPlaza @lulu_frost  #ilove5” - @fashionontheprairie