We partnered with the one-and-only Allen Thomas Wood, from Bumble and bumble, to create seven next-level hair looks using our FW15 Nightshade jewelry styles. As always, Allen pulled off a range of ‘dos that referenced this season’s Fashion Week runways. From a Marc Jacobs-inspired up-do to a Proenza Schouler-inspired low ponytail, Allen shares his genius below.

{above} “Inspiration came from laid back Willie Nelson braids, reinterpreted with textured five-strand braids and a loose, undone finish. The Lulu Frost Datura Headband was the finishing touch.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “I read an article about how brushed out curls and fuzzy texture are the new trends - I love this airy, gauzy effect. I love getting more mileage out of a necklace by using it as a crown-style adornment. Here we used the Narcissus Necklace.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “The original reference for this look was from the hair seen at Proenza Schouler's SS16 show - a slick, low tight braid. Here, I reimagined this runway look with a rope braid and the Lulu FrostDatura Hair Clip.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “I loved the idea of a textured, ethereal, low-slung ponytail. Very soft and romantic, disheveled and adorned with a glittering hair comb.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “This look was a nod to the hair seen at Tanya Taylor's SS16 show. The original reference was a twisted, textured topknot with a flick of hair mimicking a bird of paradise flower. I took it to another level here with jeweled Lulu Frost Datura Hair Clips.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “The inspiration here was a looped, half pulled through ponytail. A spontaneous and wonderful shape happened when pinning this look into place with a Lulu Frost Larkspur Hair Comb and I just went with it!” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “This up-do draws inspiration from the hair seen at Marc Jacobs' SS16 show. The concept for this hair was a girl that has been out all night dancing and partying until the early morning hours. Her hair has become quite disheveled and she quickly re-pins it into place with a pair of the Atrium Hair Combs.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist