We partnered with top Bumble and bumble Stylist, Allen Thomas Wood, to create six next-level hair looks using our new SS15 Flora Fauna collection and our signature CODE fine jewelry styles for inspiration. Give Allen a hair comb, bobby pins and Bb. product and the genius is truly capable of anything. See how he incorporated popular necklaces, bracelets and rings into all types of everyday hairstyles.

{above} “The Cactus Flower Statement Necklace was the catalyst for this project - I saw it and immediately knew it would look beautiful as an adornment to the hair - it reminds me of lotus blossoms and the fanned out shape radiates from a low chignon. Bb Does It All Styling Spray helps hold this look in place.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above left} “I love the loose, ethereal texture of this look, topped off with the Kinship Pearl Necklace that serves as a draped crown. I used Bb Pret a Powder to create the airy, matte finish.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist 

{above right} “This is hands-down the winner for the ponytail look. I was inspired to use the Kinship Pearl Bracelet to rein in a ponytail, creating an unusual way to fasten the hair back. Bb Pret a Powder lends the hair its texture.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist


{above} “I knew the delicate, repeating pattern of the Swift Necklace would work perfectly in a braid. I love the interest and sparkle this adds to an everyday look. I used Bb Dryspun Finish to give this style its grip and texture.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “I love the way these delicate CODE rings catch the light. The simplicity of a rough-hewn braid dotted with these special pieces allows them to really stand out. I isolated a section of hair, weaving rings into the strands as I crisscrossed to the ends. This style would be equally beautiful pinned around the head like a crown. Bb Dryspun Finish and Does It All Styling Spray lend the hair it’s beachy, roughed up texture.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist

{above} “The Vine Cactus Flower Necklace spoke to me as the prefect hair accessory. I love the idea of just a bit of jewelry peeking through, tucked into a chignon. The vine chain also works perfectly as a crown. I used Bb. Spray de Mode Hairspray to secure this style.” - Allen, Bb. Stylist