Having a bad hair day? We have your fix. With festival season in full swing we’re excited to launch our newest collection of headwraps. In bright shades of pink, blue and green, this really is the ultimate hair accessory. Top Bumble and bumble hair stylist Allen Wood and pro Bobbi Brown make-up artist Cassandra Garcia lent us their creative genius to showcase four different looks for spring. See what we came up with below.

*Photography by Dara Kent and Trent Bailey.



To accent a beachy wave try securing the headwrap around the hair, twisting the ends, and finalizing the look with a knot. If you have one-day-old hair this will take care of any kinks! (From left to right: Tuileries Necklace | NEW Head Wraps)



You don't always have to knot these headwraps (as pictured in above left photo) - the internal wiring allows for an easy twist resulting in a fun and "un-done" look (see above right photo). In the above right photo, Allen created a french twist which he secured with a headwrap. (From left to right: Hand-painted Duchess Earring | Revolution Necklace | NEW Head Wraps)



One of our absolute favorite looks, Allen decided to weave this headwrap into a braid around the head. This technique truly showcases the versatility of this hair accessory. (From left to right: NEW Dada La Mer collection - coming soon | Carnival 50 Year Necklace | NEW Head Wraps)



Our last look features a top knot secured with a tightly twisted headwrap. If you're working with more than one-day-old hair this is a great and effortless option! (From left to right: 100 Year Earring #21 | NEW Head Wraps)