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in the studio


The holidays are a time for giving, which is why we've decided to give something special to our loyal customers. The art you see below, titled 100 Years of Lulu, came to life with inspiration from our100 Year jewelry collection, which features necklaces, earrings and bracelets made out of vintage components spanning a century (1860-1960). Much like the mash-up of components in this jewelry collection, 100 Years of Lulu is the result of mixing three different artistic points of view as well as different mediums, from natural dye to gaffer tape to acrylic paints.

For this piece, Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer sought to create one unified image from an assortment of different artwork. Using our 100 Year Collection as an inspiration spring-board Lisa and two of her artist friends, Field Kallop and Donald Robertson, each completed one third of the original canvas at different times using complete creative freedom in the artistic process. While the original piece of art hangs in our NYC-based studio, we've created 25, limited edition prints of 100 Years of Lulu that are hand signed and numbered by Lisa. The first 25 customers to spend over $500 dollars on our website within one purchase will receive one of these beautiful prints along with their order. This is our way of bringing art to life and we hope you love it.

Learn more about the artists behind 100 Years of Lulu below. 



Field Kallop 


Born and raised in NYC, Field Kallop studied Art History at Princeton. She spent a year living in Lima, Perú, where she curated an exhibition at the Museo de la Nación. Upon returning to NYC, she worked at The Museum of Modern Art and then as an assistant to the artist Chuck Close. In 2011, Field received an MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has shown her work in many prestigious locations and currently resides in NYC.


"I love the concept of bringing three different artists and their visions together on one canvas. It's so curious and unpredictable...I was excited to build an abstract form. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about ritual and alchemy, so as I worked I kept imagining some sort of ritualistic totem or mystical tower. I often use geometry in my work -- simple forms can be extremely powerful."


"I’ve recently been working with a variety of natural dyes. This work is composed of brazilwood, logwood, wild saffron dyes as well as silver leaf on canvas. I also added a sprinkle of iron oxide to some of the mixtures to alter the effects of the dyes. Again, very alchemical."

{Lisa's thoughts}

"Field is a friend of mine based in NYC. She's a brilliant artist who uses mixed media and genuinely appreciates Lulu Frost jewelry. Her use of different elements, such as natural dyes and various shapes, come together to tell a story," says Lisa.


Website - | Instagram - @fieldnyc



Donald Robertson


"Ok. So here goes.  My name is @donalddrawbertson and I have a massive issue with Scorpio women. I can NOT say no to a Scorpio. It's astrologically impossible For a Pisces man! Though happily married with five kids and living in the suburbs of New York I find myself painting and sending Lisa portraits of herself! Then I paint and send more to her showroom. See for yourself - they are all framed and hanging there as evidence. I even went so far as to call my friends at the super fancy department store in London called Selfridges and insisted they carry Lulu Frost...and now they do! So you see I am literally toast when it comes to anything Lulu Frost. The rest of the time I'm a big cheese creative director that works at Estée Lauder (I was one of the original three guys that launched MAC cosmetics and worked at Conde Nast in magazines for fifty years) but mostly I think up excuses to work with Lisa."

{Inspiration + Materials}

"I came racing home the day we met [about this project] and conjured everything we had spoken about (regarding her 100 Year Collection necklaces) into a third of a painting. I used her neon flashes in the form of gaffer tape, jewels in the form of my encrusted old paint palettes, and graphic shapes made from the cardboard circles that line the gaffer tape rolls. The entire thing has a handmade feel with a touch of faux 24 karat puff paint.  All very Lulu inspired."

{Lisa's thoughts}

"I met Donald through Bobbi Brown and he's one one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I truly love his work... his Instagram is part of my morning routine! Donald's unexpected use of materials to create something beautiful reminds me of our 100 Year Collection," says Lisa.


Instagram - @donalddrawbertson