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We’re excited to introduce our Chroma Necklace—a colorful collaboration with Charm & Chain for the retailer’s newest Kaleidoscope Collection. To celebrate their fifth birthday Charm & Chain founder, Ali Galgano, asked five veteran designers to create exclusive pieces for the collection using the vibrant patterns found in a kaleidoscope as inspiration. With this direction in mind, Lisa created the necklace shown using classic Lulu elements and hand-painted splashes of color.

Learn more about her inspiration below and head over to the Charm & Chain blog for a special Q+A with Lisa.



"I collaged together an array of delicate crystal components in a geometric configuration to give the feel of how light is reflected in a prismatic way. I then added layers of hand-painted touches to hint at the beautiful colors one can observe through a kaleidoscope." - Lisa, Designer and Founder



"In designing this piece, I attempted to capture the way kaleidoscopes refract, bend and alter visual stimuli. I love how elements are broken up and repeated in unexpected ways, which is what I wanted to embody with this necklace." - Lisa, Designer and Founder



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