in the studio


The Hand-Painted Revolution Necklace from our Neon Baroque collection is a labor of love. Hand-finished in our NYC studio, each necklace is meticulously cared for before it's delivered to its new owner. In this blog post, our team gives you a look behind-the-scenes at the creative production process. 



"Each piece is tediously embellished by our production team - it takes almost two hours to complete the painting process. Because the necklace incorporates black resin stones, we start with a white primer to illuminate the colorful accents that make our Neon Baroque Collection truly glow." - Julie, Production/Retail Operations



"To create an ombre effect, different shades of florescent paint are hand-mixed to make the perfect color. When each necklace is completed, no two are exactly alike. Each celebrates the unique beauty of our gorgeous Spring collection." - Julie, Production/Retail Operations