From the moody Victorian symbolism of the 1860s-70s to the disco-tinged optimism of the 1960s-70s comes our newest FW17 collection, CIRCA. The uniting force between these eras and the collection itself is found in the cyclical nature of history & the powerful women that have deigned to break that cycle. From Theda Bara, cinema’s first sex symbol at the turn of the century, to the dynamic appeal of Grace Jones at the height of Studio 54.



French sensation and civil rights activist Josephine Baker lends her name to the Josephine series, a group punctuated with bold color-locked sequins and dynamic new silhouettes.



The angular design of the Grace series is a nod to Grace Jones, known around the globe for her distinctive androgynous appearance and bold, linear features.



And the namesake for a group of smokey crystal statement pieces comes from Diamanda Galas, the avant-garde soprano whose songs often focus on fighting injustice.



Today, as we find ourselves in another era of upheaval, we are drawing strength from women in our own world that are challenging norms and spreading positivity along the way. Who better to help us introduce our newest Fall styles than some of the women close to Lisa’s own heart? Join Katherine, Sarah Sophie, Trae, and Claire in showing the world what #LuluFrostWomen look like.



You are invited to explore our newest collection online and in store at our new store in NYC and to check back over the next month as we profile these women and invite them to share their stories, what they are fighting for and what Lulu Frost means to them.