With the launch of our much anticipated FW17 CIRCA campaign comes the opening of our portrait series featuring an inspiring selection of Lulu Frost Women. Sarah Sophie, Trae, Katherine and Claire display the courage, strength and hope that is true to Lulu Frost Founder and Designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles’ own heart and speak to her continued passion to create jewelry with meaning.



Join us as we get to know the women of Lulu Frost, beginning with our leading CIRCA ladies.



Trae Harris 
Poet | Performer | Gypsy | Humanitarian



From her heart-warming smile to her energetic and animated conversation, Trae has the kind of energy that fills the room the moment she enters. And much like Lisa, she shares a passion for creating pieces of work that have meaning.



A creative to the core with a wild sense of style, Trae finds ways to outwardly express her passions through her work as a poet, performer, actress and model. She is committed to her humanitarian work and educating the next generation by sharing her talents with other young women. A modern inspiration for all.



Tell us about a particular moment where you felt strong and powerful?  
Lately I’ve been feeling very strong and powerful because I’ve been asking for things that I want and things that I deserve, which is something I think is new in general for women to feel comfortable doing. And I am just beginning to feel comfortable doing that, so there are a lot of jobs that I book and it's gotten to the point now where I am asking for rates that I know I deserve. And that makes me feel really powerful because not only now am I yielding my agency in a way that I’m making it very clear what my value is, but I’m also I making it very clear I’m aware of what my value is and I will no longer be devalued or that my time’s going to be devalued. So I think just having that conversation with myself and then extending it to other people is really making me feel powerful.





Describe your favorite piece from the Circa collection?  
My favorite piece from the collection...I really love this Helena Tassel Necklace, it’s very like bruja, very like my vibe, so I think it’s one of my favorite pieces. I also really like things that have tassels on them, they kinda like hang, like give you a little shake situation, so I really like that too. Plus I’m really into dark stones, and dark crystals, so it’s a very dark piece but it really resonates with me. I like things that hit me right in my heart shadow and it falls nice, so this is by far one of my favorite pieces.



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What is a Lulu Frost woman to you?  
I think that the Lulu Frost woman is a very empowered woman. She is a very diverse woman. She’s a woman who’s interested in her history and her ancestors and where she comes from so that she can know where she’s going. That’s the sense that I get from Lisa as a person, and I feel like that beautifully translates into the brand. This narrative, this story of coming from this place and now being at this place and all of the things that you’ve collected and acquired to get you to that place. I think that that’s the woman that I imagine when I think of Lulu Frost, and I feel like the brand does a great job at creating pieces and working with people who really show that sentiment. So I think it’s a very empowered, strong, and bad-ass woman.



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