customer stories


What does jewelry have the power to do? This is the question we asked guests of #TheLuluShop when they walked through the doors of our new in-studio retail space for the grand opening event. The responses were thrilling, from heartfelt reactions to witty and light-hearted replies. In fact, the answers were so good we just couldn't keep them to ourselves. Continue below to see what people had to say.

P.S. - Lulu shoppers take note! Holiday customers will receive one of these special cards in their packages through the new year. The limited-edition holiday handout features a special illustration by artist and Instagram sensation, Blair Breitenstein aka @blairz (meant to be framed!). We encourage you to write down your thoughts on the power of jewelry and share it on social media with #LuluFrost. We might even regram! Xx, Lulu