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Most people have a favorite number, whether symbolic of a birthday, anniversary, or some other special memory. When we collaborated with Honestly WTF to create the Lulu Frost X Honestly WTF Charm Bracelet, numbers played a huge role. After the exclusive release of the charm bracelet on our website, we were introduced to inspiring stories shared by a handful of customers. We were so enamored that we decided to have an Instagram contest encouraging story-telling on a larger scale. We asked our followers to share the personal meaning of their number via Instagram by uploading a photo best representing their significant digit. Participants had to tag their photos with hashtag #luckynumberlulu in order to qualify for a chance to receive a number charm bracelet of their choice (ending 10/21). We've since randomly selected a winner (marked below) and rounded up some of our favorite photos and captions. Thanks to all who participated in this meaningful contest! 

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{top left} "3 and 7 are my lucky numbers. I wear my Lulu Frost CODE rings so I’m reminded everyday. 3 is for me and my 2 sisters – we all have the number 3 CODE ring, and 7 is lucky because my birthday is on August 7th. #luckynumberlulu" - Sandra, @.sanjmerrill

{top right} "Almost 5 months ago, my husband and I welcomed our baby boy Quincy. He is the apple of our eye and we wake up every morning feeling so fortunate. The Latin origin of the name ‘Quincy’ is the number five and he was also born on the 5th month of the year, which makes 5 his number. And that makes it my new lucky number. #luckynumberlulu" - Erica, @.honestlywtf 



{top left} "#photoadayforayear #29 #babiesgalore #myworld #mylife #thankyouJesus #luckynumberlulu" - Kari, @.abeautifullifereborn 

{top right} "#luckynumberlulu" - Ali, @.caprikilla 



{top left} "@lulu_frost @honestlywtf Lucky number 2. It's my numerology number, I'm a Gemini, and I met the love of my life on 2/2. #luckynumberlulu" - Jessica, @.bedknobsandbaubles

{top right} "#222 #luckynumberlulu" - Karen, @.kwebber222



{top left} "Mom says I have to give it back but let's be real: the @lulu_frost / @honestlywtf bracelet looks much better on me. #luckynumberlulu"   - Aslan the cat, @.aslancreampuff

*WINNER {top right} "My favorite number is 3...for the 3 members of my family. #luckynumberlulu @lulu_frost x @honestlywtf" - Rebecca, @.rebecca_june



{top left} "I love stumbling across my lucky number in unexpected places. #luckynumberlulu" - Jessi, @.jkstreator

{top right} "My favourite number is 1. I am an only child. My parents realized that I was going to be enough work so I didn't get any siblings. I was also born in the first month of the year which is always an amazing month for me. I also see my self as independent and self-reliant. I've always been able to operate on my own. #luckynumberlulu @honestlywtf @lulu_frost" - Samantha,@.thesamanthachow



{top left} "Pick me #lulufrost to win the #luckynumberlulu bracelet! I want the 4 bracelet to represent the 4 little miracles I've brought into the world and that make me smile everyday." - Coco,@.cocoforbeauty

{top right} "10 things I love about fall! #luckynumberlulu @lulu_frost #favoritenumber10" - Kortney, @.kortneyzo



{top left} "Reminiscing about Paris (through a lucky 4 leaf clover) #luckynumberlulu #verylatergram @lulu_frost" - Lauren, @.elliesf

{top right} "Birthday #luckynumberlulu" - Nineta, @.ninetaofficiel



{top left} "Seeing my #luckynumberlulu on my crafternoon jewelry making homework break! @honestlywtf @lulu_frost" - Allie, @.allie_peets

{top right} "#luckynumberlulu 13 is my lucky number. My birthday falls on November 13th so it is very special for me." - Olya, @.frozen_cherry



{top left} "I know it’s a bit cliche to have 7 as my lucky number, but I was born on the 7th in 1977. That’s a lot of 7′s so I have always just gone with it. Besides, birthdays are special in my family – my grandmother had a precious charm bracelet with all of her children’s birthdays on it. #luckynumberlulu" - Lauren, @.honestlylauren

{top right} "I wear my number five CODE ring everyday! It stands for the 5 members of my family and happens to be the day I was born (October 5th). #luckynumberlulu" - Chelsea, @.chelseascarlata