customer stories


Sunday marked the end of our DIY pop-up shop at J.Crew's Prince St. store in New York City. After more than two full weekends of creating custom necklaces and bracelets for shoppers we came out with quite a handful of special stories. See below for a showcasing of some particularly unique and meaningful pieces. 



Carmen visited us at the shop looking to make her own necklace. She decided on the Plaza "C" charm for the first letter of her name and added one-of-a-kind vintage components to finalize her custom piece. She was a complete sweetheart so we were excited to have her return to J.Crew soon after her first purchase to make yet another Plaza "N" necklace for her mom. Like daughter, like mother! 



Ashley was extremely friendly and already familiar with Lulu Frost. While chatting and working through some custom options she ended up with a full charm bracelet using Plaza numbers to spell out her wedding date: 9/27/13. This was definitely a favorite on social media. 



All the way from Pennsylvania, Kristen was one of our first customers at the pop-up. She landed on a perfect combination of pieces. She chose a statement necklace with a vintage pendant from the 1950's, an oval chain with a Plaza "K" for the first letter of her name, and a third necklace with a Plaza "2" for her two children. She left J.Crew in a hurry to make the Haunted Halloween Haystack with her kids (most likely the chicest mom there in her new Lulu Frost). 



One of the most memorable stories came from Gus, who paid us a visit  because his girlfriend, Mia, is a huge Lulu Frost fan. He wasn't sure what to get her so we helped him pick a charm bracelet with a vintage heart locket and a Plaza "2" symbolizing the two of them. She heard about the pop-up from our Instagram so we surprised her via the Lulu Frost instagram account (@lulu_frost) tagging her in a picture from Gus. She was thrilled and we were really touched by Gus's thoughtfulness.



The last weekend of the event Amy came in with a couple of antique pieces. One was a cameo she had been gifted by her aunt and another was a charm passed down from her father with inscriptions celebrating both his and Amy's career starts as lawyers. Our design team was able to turn these cherished pieces into necklaces that Amy can hold close through the generations. This story in particular gave our whole team chills.



These are just five of the many customer stories we heard during the event. We were thrilled to meet shoppers who were excited to create their own custom piece of jewelry and hope to re-create this special experience in the future. If you couldn't make it to the pop-up you can shop our Vintage and Plaza Collections online. If you're interested in a custom order please Thanks again to all who attended!