the lulu list


The Lulu List is where we share our favorite finds of the week.  From interesting articles to viral videos to inspiring Instagram accounts, these are our latest obsessions.



Maia Mitchell discusses her most-used emoji while sporting Lulu Frost. (StyleCaster)

The New Yorker has opened it's archives - here are some awesome picks to get started. (Digg)

Literally everything you've ever wanted to know about actress-gone-entrepreneur, Blake Lively. (Vogue)



Plan your summer around these must-see music acts. (PAPERMAG)

Here's how to discover the best donuts in NYC. (Thrillist)

A must-see collection that appreciates the work of self-taught artists. (The New York Times)



An interesting look into the art of watch-making. (Digg)

There's no running from it...the 50 Shades of Grey trailer has been released. (TIME)

What if pizza was used as currency? (Huffington Post)



We've added new favorites to the Lulu List this week, including songs by Banks and SBTRKT.

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@dearbeta because this french bulldog is more photogenic than any of us. (left)

@loudoillon to live vicariously through the coolest french girl ever. (right)