When Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer got married last year she wore her and her husband Marlon’s star signs – Scorpio and Cancer. In a way, the stars had aligned, and Lisa was able to express her connection to Marlon through her day-to-day jewelry. The idea resonated with her friends and family and finally Lisa developed a full collection of constellations-based jewelry titled Lulu Frost ZODIACS. This month the collection dropped, featuring 10kt gold, complemented by white sapphire stars and paired with each Zodiac’s element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water). Given the collections meaningful nature, we sat down with some of our friends to see how they wear their constellations to stay connected to loved ones. All photography by Trent Bailey Studio




Meet Tara and Paul, industry insiders and longtime friends of Lulu Frost. Tara is a New York-based fashion writer and the founder/editor of PROFYLES while Paul is a New York-based stylist, contributing fashion editor and founder of BRKFST. See what these two have to say about how their stars align.


How did you both meet?

[Tara] We met whilst working at Bally in Australia, and bonded over our shared love for fashion, The Hills, and people watching. We were friends for a while before actually getting together; Paul would come and have lunch with me almost every day when I started working at InStyle magazine.
Tara you are a Pisces and Paul is a Taurus. Does this affect your relationship dynamic?
[Tara] I'd never considered it when we began our relationship, but after learning more about astrology and delving deeper into our signs, it's been interesting to see how our personality traits are reflective of our signs. It certainly helps you understand each other a little more.
We love that you are wearing Paul's sign and vice versa. What type of jewelry do you usually wear? Do you find that it tends to be an expression of yourself/hold sentimental value?
[Tara] There are a few pieces I never take off: my wedding ring (a simple gold band), a recycled gold cuff-style bracelet, another gold bracelet Paul gave me as a birthday present in Paris and a gold necklace I wear without a charm. For everyday I prefer simple, fine jewelry and it all has sentimental value. But I'm not afraid to add a bold statement earring or ring either.
In what ways do you identify with each of your signs?
[Tara] I'm a true to the book Pisces. I'm sensitive, very reactive to other people's emotions, and really do love to be in water. I'm also a true romantic.
[Paul] I'm stubborn, I'm loyal, and I don't generally give a fuck.
We hear Pisces tend to be pretty intuitive. Would you say this is true of you and why?
[Tara] Absolutely. I really believe in following your heart and trusting your gut emotions. I've also always had a knack for trusting my "feelings" about things. More often than not it turns out to be right!!



Maya plays the role of mother to two adorable boys, wife to Dean and owner of Jack’s Wife Freda, one of the most popular restaurants in all of NYC. As one of the chicest female entrepreneurs we know, we called upon Maya to share her ZODIACS story and how she embodies her Gemini sign.


What parts of your personality identify with the characteristics of a Gemini?

The element associated with Gemini is air. Air signs are the thinking person's signs. Lots of thinking!
Your kids are both Taurus sign/Earth elements. Do you think this affects their relationship and do you see personality characteristics that relate to their signs, even at a young age?
We have definitely seen "bull" persistence in our 2 boys from the day they were born. :)
Gemini’s tend to be extremely independent. Is this a part of your nature and in what way?
I have always been independent and on my own - in my younger years without even realizing it...My teenage years led to me living on my own when I turned 18, and then I moved to another country on my own at 21 years old. I’ve been on my own ever since. I always liked being on my own. Now I love being with my family.
We know your husband Dean is an Aquarius - do you find that your signs complement each other?
We don't really know much about matching signs, but when Dean and I met, we realized right away that it would be perfect to share our "independences" with each other.
In true Gemini fashion, tell us something you've learned recently out of pure curiosity.
We can be wishy-washy, changing our mood on a whim. It's this characteristic which readily suggests the Mutable Quality assigned to our sign. I think Gemini’s generally have their hearts in the right place. It's that ample energy which can also paint us as scatterbrained and unfocused, but behind all that zipping around, the Twins are busily filing all that good data away. I've learned to listen to my true mind, and not my "twin" thinker who always has another opinion.
What type of jewelry do you usually wear? Do you find that it tends to be an expression of yourself/hold sentimental value?
I have never been a big jewelry person, but I do like wearing pieces that are dear and personal and gold :). The few pieces I have are all gifts from Dean (or my boys) and all for special times, memories and occasions. Mini treasures.



Meet Whitney, the founder of lingerie brand and photo editorial Valentine (you may or may not remember our fun collaboration a while back). Born and raised in Kentucky, Whitney has been living in NYC for 10 years now and has become a good friend of Lulu Frost. We knew Whitney would look gorgeous in our new ZODIACS collection and couldn’t wait to hear her Aquarius insights.


What parts of your personality identify with the characteristics of Aquarius?

I feel like I'm a spot on Aquarian. Though I'm not a humanitarian by profession I am extremely passionate about things like the environment, the treatment of animals and certain political issues. I love an intellectual conversation, I'm frank with people to a fault, I put a lot of importance on my friendships, I've been creative since I was born (that could also be because my mom is an art teacher), I don't warm up to people very easily, I'm often spontaneous and I prefer to be at home alone very often.
You and your husband are both Aquarius sign/Air elements. What effect has that had on your relationship?
Aquarians from my knowledge like most to be around like-minded people. Male plus female Aquarian relationships are meant to be the most compatible match of astrology signs. Though we agree on almost all fundamental things when we disagree it is not good. Aquarians do not like to be disagreed with or told we’re wrong. But honestly when I met my husband I knew he was an Aquarius! If I were a man I would literally be him... It's just what I needed. I am not attracted to opposites at all! Even in friendships.
In true Aquarius fashion, tell us something unexpected about you.
I am completely neurotic. I'm literally scared of everything! Swimming in the ocean (sharks), plane flights, diseases, people on the subway, ticks, ghosts, drugs, any situation where I may get injured, public speaking... I mean I could go on forever. My poor poor husband... He's not scared of anything and that's probably the biggest difference between us.
What type of jewelry do you usually wear? Do you find that it tends to be an expression of yourself?
I don't own a lot of jewelry but I would like to. The jewelry I wear everyday is quite fine and it's pieces that I've had for a long time. Every now and then I'll bust out a chunky cuff or some dangly earrings if I'm going on a date or to an event. But that's about it. I think my everyday jewelry is an expression of me because it's all pieces that are personal to me and they have a story. They're kind of like a second skin and somehow I feel safe when I wear them... Haha I'm such a nut!



Meet Armando and Krystle – quite possibly two of the most beautiful people we’ve ever met, both on the inside and outside. Armando is a father and model as well as the founder of Armando Cabral shoes while Krystle plays the role of model and mother to their two adorable children. They welcomed us into their home with open arms to talk astrology and more.


Wearing (left to right) Scorpio +Water Ring and Sagittarius + Fire Ring

How did you both meet?

We met through mutual friends at a house party. After the first meeting we would constantly run into each other around town. One night at a run in at a rooftop party, Armando finally made his move and we've been together ever since.
How do your signs affect your relationship?
We are a mixture of fire and water sign, which can be pretty intense at times. We manage by realizing one's strength is another's weakness and together we make a strong team.
Krystle we love that you are wearing your children's signs as well as Armando's. Even though Lukas is still young do you see any sign of his zodiac in him?
Yes, for sure! Lukas is an Aries and was born with personality! He's very adventurous and has loads of energy. He's definitely a leader and has massive charm.
Armando do you find that your personality is in line with the characteristics of a Scorpio? In what way?
In some ways, yes, I do see the strong correlation between my personality and my Scorpio characteristics... Very persistent, Passionate, loving, loyal and strong headed.
Krystle do you find that your personality is in line with the characteristics of a Sagittarius? In what way?
Yes, I would definitely say I'm the typical Sag. An energetic, optimist always up for an adventure!
Zodiac signs aside, how would you describe the personality of your family as a whole? From the values you're instilling in your children to the way you communicate with each other to your lifestyle in general?
Our family is melting pot of personalities, between our kids and the both of us you get just about everything! As a whole, we like to keep things fun with a spirit of excitement and adventure. We love to travel as a family and try new things any chance we get. We also work very hard and are committed to our modeling careers and family business "Armando Cabral," which we hope will instill the value of hard work and perseverance in our children.