Today we’re bringing you the second in our ZODIAC Stories series; featuring yet another round of women we admire. We couldn’t have chosen better individuals to model the ZODIAC collectiongiven each person’s commitment to upholding their personal and authentic relationships. Read below to see how they wear their constellations to stay connected to loved ones. All photography byBailey + Martin.


Meet Blair, one of our favorite fashion illustrators and one of the kindest humans we know. She spends her days beautifully reinterpreting todays’ fashion designs with paintbrush and paper and recently took a trip to our studio to put her spin on our new ZODIACS collection. Read what she has to say about her sign and more:


Wearing (left to right) Aquarius + Air Ring and Sagittarius + Fire Ring

Wearing (left to right) Sagittarius + Fire Ring, Aquarius + Air Ring and Aquarius + Air Necklace as a bracelet

You mentioned you have a twin sister – what’s one of your favorite memories growing up as a twin?

Always having a friend at boring family outings.
You mom, sister and you are all Aquarians. Do you think you share similar or different personality traits? How so? 
We have similar core qualities that are the same. I have also read that Aquarians are good at giving advice. We definitely all have the ability to give caring, genuine, useful advice.
In what ways do you identify with Aquarius?
They are notoriously creative, and often painters... makes sense! 
What jewelry do you find yourself wearing everyday and why?
I don't wear a lot of jewelry unless it has a sentimental value. I always wear a ring from my grandma and mom and a watch from my dad. 
Of course you know we are such fans of your work. What’s something that’s currently happening in the fashion industry that you’re excited about? 
I love loud outerwear!! Shrimps, Fendi, Gucci...all have brightly colored and patterned fur coats for FW16 that almost look like costumes!! It's exciting that fashion is becoming fun again... A little less normcore a little more pizzaz! 
We know you’re an IG star (no pun intended). Who are your top 3 favorite accounts to follow and why?
I have so many…@ettoresottsas for color, shapes and fantasy…@shrimptoncouture for vintage fashion…@christopherpoindexter because I love poetry.



Meet Grace and Becca, sisters first, creatives second. They both live in NYC pursuing different, but complementary careers as entrepreneurs. Grace is founder of lifestyle website The Stripeand Becca is a Brooklyn-based textile designer and artist who just launched her first book, Living with Pattern: Color Texture and Print at Home. See what these two have to say about growing up together and their interpretation of each other’s signs:


Becca (pictured left) & Grace (pictured right)

What’s one of the funnier stories you recall from growing up together?

[Grace] We had a very fun, creative, (slightly zany) childhood. Our parents really encouraged our creativity, which I think, is why we are the way we are today. We were always painting, making jewelry, playing dress-up... and we all had very active imaginations. One thing I remember is that my best friend and I were fascinated with Roald Dahl's Witches. We would dress up like the witches, try to convince Becca (and our youngest sister Meredith) that there were witches at our parent’s restaurant and that they were trying to capture us. I was the oldest, and also always trying to sell my sisters something to extort their allowance money. It was everything from paper dolls to homemade beauty products (so terrifying), to berries from our parents' garden. So greedy. Or I guess you could say, a budding entrepreneur from the early days.
[Becca] That's a good one. We were always up to something. We had forts out in the woods behind our house and spent a lot of time out there. Because we believed in witches, we also made necklaces out of onion grass that grew by our forts and we'd also eat it. We had wild imaginations and I'm glad our parents encouraged that.
You both live in NYC, what’s it like to live in the same city at this point in your lives/sisterhood?
[Grace] It's really nice. It is very comforting and reassuring having family so close by. We've both had very busy years with work this year but we always make time to get together - and to escape the city. We just went home over Labor Day Weekend to surprise our parents. It's also nice because our careers complement each other, and we're both self-employed. It's nice having someone who understands the struggles that come with that. I will say that we're very different. I'm a night owl and Becca's a morning person... so I could stay up all night drinking wine and talking whereas she likes to go to sleep early and get up early. So we compromise and meet earlier at night now. The harder part is that our youngest sister is so far away. She's in Portland, Oregon and just had a baby. We really need to get her back on the East coast!!!
[Becca] It really is so nice! Grace is right - while we have so many similarities, for example we're very likely to order the same thing on the menu, we're also different. I am a homebody and I love to go to bed early. I just can't seem to keep my eyes open after a certain point! It's definitely a family joke. Grace lives in Manhattan and I'm in Brooklyn, so we have our own neighborhoods, but it's really good that we can get together easily and to have that support system. It's comforting! We always miss Meredith, our younger sister, though!
Grace, Libras tend to live a pretty balanced lifestyle. Would you say you fall into that description?
[Grace] Well. I try to live a balanced lifestyle but it doesn't always happen. I am definitely happiest when I feel at my most balanced... but my rising and moon signs are both Virgo and you know Virgos... impatient, perfectionist, Type-A! So I'm this weird balance of this person who always tries to look calm and Zen on the outside but on the inside that Virgo is nagging me to get more done, and do it perfectly. But yes, balance is something I'm constantly striving for. I'm at my happiest when life is at a slightly slower pace and everyone around me is happy and getting along. Harmony is important to me and I'm definitely a people pleaser!
Becca, in what ways is your personality in line with Scorpio?
[Becca] It's funny--people have actually often told me they're surprised that I am a Scorpio! Scorpios can be intense! I think I'm pretty easy going when it comes to interactions with others, but I can be very intense when it comes to my work and creative projects. They often say Scorpios are passionate and independent, and I think those are traits I definitely have. I like to have my own time, and to create something out of nothing. I'd also say I'm focused, ambitious, and intuitive which are all Scorpio traits. Scorpios get a bad reputation for being distrusting, jealous, secretive, and manipulative. I hope those aren't words others would use to describe me! 
Are you both big jewelry fans (Grace we know you have quite a bit of Lulu!)? What are you looking for in the jewelry you wear these days?
[Grace] I am a huge jewelry fan. I'm definitely a collector, and I've been called a human magpie. I was one of Lulu Frost's earlier fans (I started collecting her pieces back in 2008/2009) before I even had a blog... and my last full-time job was for BaubleBar (I headed their social media team for four years before going out on my own). That being said, my style has changed a lot this year. I've been really into simpler, more minimal styles, which is one of the reasons I was so attracted to the new ZODIACS Collection. I like pieces that are simple and well made. In the past I'd pile on a lot of jewelry but these days, I keep it pretty simple. It's usually simple diamond studs, a few rings, my watch, and maybe a statement cuff on the other hand.
[Becca] I'm definitely more minimal when it comes to jewelry. I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again, but I like to change up earrings, stack rings, and that sort of thing. I love the new ZODIAC Collection because it's classic, but also really unique. I love the mismatched earrings and the mystical references.



Meet Nicolette and Ali, one of our favorite newlyweds (especially after spending an afternoon with the two). As an editor and fashion blogger, Nicolette has been a long time friend of Lulu Frost and she and Ali pretty much stole our hearts rocking their ZODIACS pieces in their own way.


Ali (pictured left) and Nicolette (pictured right)

Okay… give us the love story? When and how did you meet?

[Nicolette] We met online, 4 years ago this coming January. When we met, I thought it would just be casual, or at least that was my intent, but it came obvious very quickly that Ali was my "person," and about 2 years after meeting we got married. We are sort of opposites, but completely balance each other out, act as one another’s cheerleader, and have the most fun ever, anywhere we go.
How do your signs affect your relationship?
[Nicolette] It's hard to say! I'm a Taurus and Ali is a Gemini, but I am convinced that because she's an actual identical twin, their "Gemini-ness" is split between both twins. I'm definitely a typical Taurus, though, and I know my stubbornness is sometimes an issue! Ali is really good at reminding me when to loosen up and go with the flow.
Ali, the tattoo could not be more perfect. What’s the story behind it?
[Ali] When I got it, I just thought of it as two people, any two people (they're stick figures so they really could be anyone, right?) but of course most people are quick to realize the connection to my twin. I actually didn't even know the Gemini constellation looked so much like it until recently.
Nicolette, would you say your personality is in line with your sign? How so?
[Nicolette] YES, embarrassingly so. I'm a Taurus sun, Leo rising, and Libra moon - and that combination basically describes me to a T. One of the Taurus traits is that we love to be surrounded by beautiful spaces and objects. I feel like that explains a lot...
Ali, same question, do you feel like your personality matches your sign?
[Ali] Sometimes! I'm definitely more the serious side of a Gemini - whereas my twin sister seems to embody the other half.
Do either of you wear much jewelry? And if so, what do you usually go for?
[Nicolette] Yes! My daily jewelry is a lot of stacked rings and simple earrings, and then I love mixing in statement necklaces and bracelets that coordinate with my outfits.
[Ali] I wear my wedding band every day and occasionally wear simple bracelets on top. When I wear jewelry, it tends to be really sentimental!