For the third installment of our ZODIAC Stories series – we sat down with our very own Founder and Designer Lisa Salzer and her husband Marlon Taylor-Wiles. From the early way that zodiac signs impacted their relationship to the inspiration that brought this special collection of fine jewelry to life – Lisa shares the very personal ways in which she relates to Lulu Frost ZODIACS. All photography by Bailey + Martin.

Lisa, what was the "aha" moment you had when it came to designing this collection? What was the ultimate deciding factor in moving forward with the collection?

I’ve been totally obsessed with Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone for years now and faithfully read her posts the first of every month. It was right around the time of my wedding when I realized I wanted to symbolize our union in the universe and felt there was no better way to do that than focus on our star signs. So I decided to make, and wear, stud earrings that represented our togetherness.

Are you both into signs?

I think I’m much more into signs than Marlon is but just by process of being around me and hearing me talk about ZODIACS and Susan Miller, Marlon has become moderately more interested. We both relate to characteristics of our signs especially our spirit animals – the crab and the scorpion. We share traits of each of those.

Do you find that you're each compatible with the traits of your own Zodiac sign?

Definitely. Scorpios are emotional, intuitive and psychic at times, which I feel I am. I can often sense when a friend or relative is about to call me and I think I can communicate with my relatives that have passed on. I’m also extremely passionate about the things that I care about. Marlon is pretty true to the characteristics of Cancer - super creative and one of the most imaginative people I’ve ever met. And like the crab he can be testy at times! Oddly enough Scorpio and Cancer are just land and sea versions of each other.

It's fair to say you're both into jewelry...What factors determine which jewelry you choose to wear each day?

I love wearing my ZODIACS everyday alongside my CODE Numbers and CODE Words because they are so meaningful and they go with everything. Of course I love to layer in bigger and bolder statement pieces for special occasions but I wear my ZODIACS every day because they remind me of the wonderful connection I have with my husband. Marlon wears sentimental jewelry too including a watch and a ring I gave him for Christmas and a piece from Morocco that he bought on our honeymoon. We both wear jewelry that reminds us of the other while we’re going about our days.

Can you speak to one of your most memorable moments from the early days of your relationship?

One of the most memorable moments relates back to the ZODIACS. We were in Argentina and Marlon was filming the Evian commercial he was a part of. I went down there to join him for fun and we were thrift hunting, which is one of our favorite things to do together. We wandered into this amazing vintage store in Buenos Aires where we spotted two buttons that were the only two of their kind. One was Cancer with a crab and one was Scorpio with a scorpion. I felt the universe was telling us something by putting these two highly unusual vintage zodiac buttons in our path; we ended up using the design of those buttons on our wedding invitations. That was the crux of the wedding actually – our two signs coming together.