Not only is Dallas Shaw a total babe, but she has also gained street cred among some of the top fashion designers in the industry for her epic illustrations.  When she's not sketching for Oscar de la Renta or Donna Karan, she's blogging about her latest discoveries in home, fashion, travel and beauty.  Thanks to a mutual love for all things social media, we met Dallas on Twitter and it's been a love affair ever since.

*See our Q+A with Dallas below.



What is your background?

My name is Dallas Shaw, I’m a fashion-obsessed artist. I draw for the industry’s top fashion houses, design collaborative campaigns, and I share all of my favorites in home, beauty, style and travel online.  All the time.

Tell us about your process and what inspires you.

Because of my unique job I am surrounded by beautiful things every day so there is no shortage of inspiration.  I have a tight schedule so I save everything I love in my phone and on Pinterest.  That way, when it’s time to draw I can get at it quickly and meet deadlines without loosing the creative part.

Describe your art in three words…

Whimsical, relatable and (hopefully) stylish.

An artist you admire?

David Downton.  Our styles are completely different but I love his work.



When did you first learn about Lulu Frost?

Years ago when I started my blog I was always looking for not just new brands, but brands and designers that I really wanted to add to my collection.  I looked only at design, not at price, and Lulu was one of the sites I stumbled across and have religiously visited since.  I remember when the pieces hit J.Crew, I panicked, “The secret is out!!”

Top 3 Lulu Frost picks?

Tuileries Bracelet / G&S Mezze / Rococo Tassle

We're enamored with the term "Modvin" (modern + vintage).  What are your thoughts?

Vintage has a bit of a stigma to it right now because some people take vintage and style it an extreme direction that doesn’t suit everyone.  Done correctly, mixing a bit of vintage into your current wardrobe can feel really chic and modern.  This is the way I think it should always be done.



Top 3 daily reads...

Harper's Bazaar / The Cut / My blog...duh!

Top 3 favorite people to follow on Instagram...

@sincerelyjules / @samanthawills / @vensedits - Know them all, like them all and just like their shots.

Something you learned today that you didn’t know yesterday?

Nothing is a waste of time if you learned something from it (I “wasted a lot of time” yesterday).

How can people follow you?

Oooh please follow me. I’ll try my best to entertain you.

Twitter: @dallasshaw
Instagram: @dallasshaw