We kinda/sorta have a MAJOR crush on Whitney Brown (above left) and Paloma Jonas (above right). Founders of indie lingerie brand Valentine NYC, the friends and former models teamed up with designer Lisa Salzer to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Set for Him & Her. The exclusive Valentine x George Frost package features a lacy thong and bra as well as two unisex George Frost Morse code bracelets that spell out “Always & Forever.” The set is a secret weapon for hotness…and let’s be honest, it can totally be a gift set just for you. In honor of the launch, we got up close and personal with the sexy duo.

Read the Q+A below and visit their amazing blog for a playful interview with Katie Burrell, photographed wearing the Valentine x George Frost Gift Set and Lulu Frost Spring/Summer ’15 - coming soon!


Lingerie has the power to?

W: Join women together.
P: Set the mood for your day.
Jewelry has the power to?
W: Reassure ourselves that we are special.
P: Show someone you care.
Most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
W: Bought me a plane ticket to visit him in Stockholm after only meeting me on a street in Mexico for 10 minutes.
P: My man went around New York City very late one evening spray painting graffiti gold hearts at all my favorite & local spots…Where I got my morning coffee, outside of my office, next to my taxi corner. We were long distance at the time and he said he wanted to remind me I was loved on a daily basis. Sometimes romance requires some risky business.


Best way to say "I love you"? 

W: In the morning first thing when you open your eyes.
P: When your lips can’t keep it secret any longer.
Habit you can't seem to break?
W: Having anxiety attacks.
P: Listening the rap radio stations in my car, I can’t quit. I’ve tried.
Something people don't know about the Valentine NYC brand? 
W: Paloma and I do EVERYTHING literally. Any interns out there?
P: Our factory in Colombia is all women, mostly single mothers. We love the idea of independent women making lingerie for independent women. Yes, men get to enjoy but we think of the ladies first.


Soundtrack to your life?

W: George Michael, PM Dawn, Nirvana, Olive, John Frusciante, Zero 7, Radiohead, Brandy, Duran Duran, Sampha, The Rapture
P: Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere”
One piece of Lulu you'd always pair with a lingerie-only look?
W: 18kt CODE "Cool" Necklace and "Love" Ring.
P: Plaza Letter “J” Necklace for Jason. Say no more.
Most romantic Valentine's Day date?
W: On my couch watching old movies and drinking wine.
P: I’m a sucker for a home cooked meal and a good bottle of red.