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Designers Lisa Salzer and Marlon Taylor-Wiles proudly debuted the Spring/Summer ‘15 collections for Lulu Frost and George Frost at a special New York Fashion Week event. An unexpected and original mash up of the two brands, Flora Fauna + Culture Clash artfully juxtaposed the gorgeous antique and Victorian signature elements of Lulu Frost with the earthy and edgy qualities of George Frost.

Presented at Lightbox Studios, industry insiders and other special guests were treated to a truly museum-grade experience, with the collections showcased in beautifully lit plinths. Inspired by the naturalism of a vast desert landscape, Lulu Frost’s Flora Fauna collection features plant-life and creatures of the wilderness, such as winged scarab beetles and winding coral. George Frost’s Culture Clash also features mythical elements. Inspired by the origins of the Wild West and its infiltration of foreign cultures, the collection includes a mix of materials including African trade beads and Native American symbols.

The event was a huge success thanks to supportive guests and the hard-working Lulu team. *See photos from the show below: