We couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to introduce our Influencer Series than stylist/writer and founder of Tales of Endearment, Natalie Joos. A friend of designer Lisa Salzer and a distinguished fashion force in the industry, her playful yet sophisticated sense of style and personality embody the Lulu Frost lifestyle. We took a ride to Coney Island with Natalie and asked her to style her favorite Lulu Frost jewelry along the way. Her picks match her personality as she chose whimsical and colorful pieces like our Dada Drop Stud and one-of-a-kind 100 Year Earrings.

See below for a Q+A with Natalie and learn more about her take on summer, fashion and more.

*Photography by: Trent Bailey Cobb & Dara Kent-Cobb; Make-up by: Cassandra Garcia



Lulu: You're involved with a lot of different projects, how would you define yourself?

Natalie: A Writer.  I studied Political & Social Sciences in college, with a major in Journalism.

Lulu: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ultimately ended up living in NYC?

Natalie: I was born and raised in Belgium, near Gent, on the Flemish side.  I had a normal, happy childhood, with a sister six years my junior and parents who are still together after 40 years!!  I moved to NYC in 1997, after completing one extra year of studies in London.  I worked as Glenn O’Brien’s assistant first and then as Craig McDean’s first Studio Manager.  I married in 2002.  I went on my own as a Casting Agent in 2003 – I also got divorced that year – and started Tales of Endearment when the crisis hit my business early 2010.



Lulu: How did you get into styling?

Natalie: I always did odd jobs here and there but never pursued it as a career.  I had my first shot at something more steady when I did my first story for Russian Harper’s Bazaar.  Now I am a regular contributor at Teen Vogue, worked with V magazine and get to style many of my brand collaborations.

Lulu: We love your blog because it’s fresh and unique, from the poses to your personality.  Where do you get your unique perspective and individuality?

Natalie: The most important thing about having a blog is to have a unique vision and aesthetic, but also to stay true to that.  I have always marched to the beat of my own fashion drum, not adhering to trends and wearing vintage.  I don’t look at other blogs because I don’t want to be influenced.  I’ve created my own little world and that’s enough for me.  I also like to think my Tales are positive.  I don’t put anything out there that’s negative or offensive.




Lulu: Okay you knew this was coming…What’s your most treasured piece of jewelry and why?

Natalie: When Lisa and I went shopping in Bridgehampton I bought a vintage chain link gold choker.  It’s really special and I get compliments all the time.  It’s a classic piece that I will have forever.  I also love the 80s elephant earrings Lisa got me as a present!!

Lulu: Describe one of your greatest childhood memories from the summer?

Natalie: I spent a lot of time outside, playing with the neighborhood kids.  I was a little tomboy.  We built camps, underground and in trees and went on expeditions to forests and blackberry fields.  I was always barefoot and golden brown from the sun and my hair blonde.




Lulu: If you could have a summer cocktail with one icon from the past who would it be, where in NYC would you take them, and what would you ask him/her?

Natalie: I would love to hang out with Grace Kelly.  She intrigues me.  She was classy and fresh but she was quite the seductress at the same time.  I would take her for a bike ride, have lunch by the pool at Soho House and ask her if she could introduce me to her prince husband’s bachelor friends… : - )))) 

Lulu: If you could choose any era of American history to live, which one would you choose and why?

Natalie: 60s! Colors! Freedom!



Lulu: Growing up in Belgium and now living in NYC, what’s your perception/interpretation of the “American dream”?

Natalie: I think it truly exists, and I am living proof.  I always tell everyone the same thing: if you want it badly enough, you can get it.  With determination, positive, unbridled energy and pure ambition you can make it here.  People in New York are drawn to great spirits.  They want them around; they want to nurture and steer them.  It’s not because you studied economics that you cannot later decide to go into fashion.  Poor can become rich. It’s all possible.

Lulu: When you’re not busy being the glam socialite, stylist and “it” fashion blogger, what are you doing? Who is the real “OJ” ("Original Joos")?

Natalie: Oh god.  That’s really all I do.  But I try to have a social life too.  I go on dates.  I hang out with my sister on weekends.  I run.  I do pilates.  I travel constantly.  I rarely have a night at home in front of the TV, but when I do I reaaaaaaally enjoy it.  I love to binge watch HBO series for example.



Lulu: 3 things we don’t know abut you?

Natalie: I bite my nails.  I have two cats.  I am obsessed with neuropsychology/plasticity.

Lulu: Signature summer cocktail?

Natalie: I love the Perfect Storm at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk: dark rum, fresh ginger and lime. mmmm

Lulu: Favorite NYC rooftop?

Natalie: Soho House.

Lulu: Your #1 summer indulgence?

Natalie: Sun! Beach!



Lulu: Favorite summer movie?

Natalie: Pretty Woman.

Lulu: What’s in your beach bag?

Natalie: Suntan lotion for face and body, a book, sunglasses, camera.

Lulu: Last Google search?

Natalie: The score for the World Cup games today… France beat Ghana with 2 – 0 and Germany was still playing Algeria…

Lulu: Nude or colored lips?

Natalie: I have my signature red lips but in the summer I wear a lot of nude because it looks good with a tan.



Lulu: Hair up or down?

Natalie: Both.

Lulu: Early mornings or late nights?

Natalie: Early morning!

Lulu: If your life had a theme song?

Natalie: Baby got Back. (LOL)

Lulu: Pool or beach?

Natalie: Beach.

Lulu: Favorite childhood treat?

Natalie: Sour Power Belts.

Lulu: Finally… one quote to live by?

Natalie: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.