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Here at Lulu we love a bold necklace, but beneath our team's statement jewelry you will spot our fine jewelry collection, CODE.  The collection is comprised of gold and silver numbers and symbols that signify special events, birthdays and more.  We often mix these diamond encrusted numbers and small Victorian inspired motifs among other jewelry pieces to constantly remind ourselves of life's meaningful moments.

See how 6 members of our team wear CODE:



{above}  "I have a lot of CODE!  At first I got the #1 and #3 18kt studs for my lucky numbers and June 13th birthday.  When we introduced the symbols, I chose the 14kt Moon Necklace and the 18kt Wing Stud.  The crescent moon is something that always captivates me - whether in patterns, jewelry, or decor, and the wing is just a magical little symbol.  There's something very elegant and mysterious about it." - Victoria, Design Manager



{above} "I wear 14kt CODE #8, #3, and #1 rings for the day I moved to New York City.  I’m originally from Seattle, WA and moved here on 8/31/11.  I'm so in love with NYC I even started a blogabout it, so the CODE rings help tell my story.  Since this city keeps you on your toes, I got the 18kt Question Mark Necklace which represents the unknown.  This necklace reminds me to never lose my sense of wonder – life is a mystery!" - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



{above} "I started my CODE collection with a 14kt #3 ring, to represent my May 3rd birthday.  I love how it looks stacked with other delicate pieces and now I wear them everyday in a group of four.  The Heart & Kodiak Bear are family heirlooms, and I added the 14kt Arrow Ring to keep me pointed in the right direction." - Julie, Retail Operations Coordinator



{above} "I have the CODE Moon Necklace and Arrow Ring and rarely take them off.  I love the versatility of CODE – they look so great stacked and layered, yet so chic on their own.  I first got the moon because I loved the simplistic shape and soon after got the arrow.  I love the way the arrow sits amidst all my other rings." - Amy, Production Manager



{above} "When I was a child, my favorite book was Goodnight Moon. I was totally obsessed.  I made my parents read it to me every night before bed and couldn't go to sleep without it.  When the CODE Moon Necklace came out, I knew I had to have it!  Now, I wear it everyday as a reminder of my parent's (ruthless!) patience and my love for the moon symbol and everything it entails." - Chelsea, Logistics Coordinator



{above} "I have the 14kt CODE #4 and #7 rings.  They are significant to me because my birthday is on the 4th, and 4 and 7 are my lucky numbers.  I also really like how the numbers fit into each other when I stack them.  Recently I got the 14kt Star and Moon Earrings, which remind me of the Turkish flag and my inspirational trip to Turkey.  I like to carry a reminder of how remarkable that trip was to me everyday." - Gabby, Production Assistant


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