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Can you believe it's almost Mother's Day?! It's a holiday we hold close as so much of our brand focuses on the value of family heirlooms and heritage. Last year we held a social media contest, asking our Instagram followers to upload photos of their stylish moms. The contest was so successful we've decided to bring it back this year. As an introduction to the contest, a handful our team members rummaged through their family archives to discover photos of their own stylish moms from the past. See how these fashionable moms have influenced our own stylish Lulu Frost crew and follow instructions at the end of this post to submit your own photo for a chance to win Lulu Frost CODE.



{top left} "My grandmother had an inherent English elegance to her. She always wore a Chanel suit with a gold lion brooch on her lapel. I think my mom is more casual than Grandma Frost but still has a sense of class and sophistication." - Lisa Salzer, Founder and Designer

{top right} "I've inherited some t-shirts from my mom over the years that are some of my favorites! She collected these vintage beauties while traveling the globe with my dad in the '70s and they immediately make me think of adventure. Their perfect, soft texture only comes from years of being worn with love." - Sandra, Director 



{top left} "My mom has always had great personal style - eclectic yet classic. She raised me to have confidence in everything I do and invest in special pieces, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. A little tan never hurt either…" - Julie, Retail Operations Coordinator 

{top right} "I have distinct memories of rummaging through my mom’s closet while she was still at work, stumbling around in oversized heels and vintage jewelry. Some of my favorite accessories came straight from her jewelry box and I wear them to this day (shh don’t tell her they’re missing). Her fashion continues to influence my style." - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager 



{top left} "One of my favorite memories as a little girl was playing dress up with my mom’s wardrobe and making her sing 'here comes the bride' as I marched down the hallway to show off my masterpiece styling for my make-believe wedding. Nowadays, I still borrow her clothes (and vice versa), it’s just less of a theatrical production!" - Chelsea, Logistics coordinator

{top right} "My mom's style is overall pretty classic, but I love that she's never been afraid of a bold accessory - a sparkly necklace, bold bangles, or a big straw hat as shown here at her high school prom (where my dad and her were named King and Queen!)." - Jessica, Graphics Manager


{top left} "My mom's '70s-style haircut is the direct inspiration for my hair style today. Thanks mom!" - Sandy, E-commerce Director 

{top right} "This is a photo of my mom visiting the Greek Isles in 1999. Does it even need a caption?! Whose mom hangs out with a random guy playing the accordion in that amazing outfit like it's no big deal. She's my everything." - Gabby, Design Assistant 

To enter, upload a stylish photo of your mom to Instagram using hashtag #MYMOMHASSTYLE and #LULUFROST. Don't have an Instagram? Upload a photo directly by clicking "SUBMIT A PIC" below and following the instructions. Make sure to use the hashtags above in your caption. A random winner will be announced on the @LULU_FROST Instagram account on Mother's Day, 5/11 and will recive a Rose Gold CODE Ring of choice for mother and daughter.