in the studio


This week we called upon one of our all-time favorite nail artists, Eda Midori (aka @LadyFancyNails) to interpret our CODE Words fine jewelry collection in her own artistic way. Most of us on team Lulu have created our own custom CODE Words rings that spell out meaningful phrases from left to right. Our graphics designer, Jessica, spells out her last name "STEELE" with Sapphire, Turquoise, Emerald, Emerald, Labordorite, and Emerald while our production assistant, Lia, spells out her pet dog’s name "BONZO" with Blue Topaz, Opal, Diamond, Zircon, and Opal. 

Scroll below to see how Eda took these phrases from jewelry to nails (plus, follow @ladyfancynails here for continuous eye candy).


{top left} "'RAFAEL' is my dad's name. Not only do I look up to him but I am such a daddy's girl so I figured I'd show him some love at all times!" – Thelma, Logistics 

{top right} "'STEELE' is my last name and I love that it has three emeralds (for the letter 'E'), since that happens to be my birthstone too. Wearing this reminds me of family and where I came from…but also where my name and I are headed. I never take it off." – Jessica, Graphic Design


{top left} "I went for two rings: one reads 'FUCK' and the other 'YOU.' I thought it was a funny and subtle way of telling the world off every once in a while." – Amy, Production

{top right} "I usually wear my 'HOT' ring with my other CODE Ring that spells out 'COOL' because I like the idea of falling somewhere in between. Life is a happy medium of hot and cool, right?!" – Lexi, Marketing


{top left} "I love animals and got my pet's names! 'BONZO' is for my West Highland Terrier." – Lia, Production

{top right} "'BRAVE' and 'TRUE' represent a personal mantra. Be brave, take risks and challenge yourself while remaining true to who you are and who you aspire to be." – Sloan, Logistics