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This year, we packed up our festival gear and headed to Coachella to enjoy some of our favorite bands under the warm California sun. Lexi, our digital marketing manager, traveled from stage to stage with iPhone in hand, snapping the best of festival style and desert scenery. She even gifted a few of our new headwraps along the way... Follow her photo diary below. 



"The first day I hung out by the pool and headed into the festival closer to sunset. The Coachella grounds were surreal - especially the iconic ferris wheel (which I never did end up riding...). I was in a state of pure bliss!" - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



"I quickly learned how necessary extra facial coverage was on these 90 degree days. I ended up securing my new Lulu headwrap around this Free People hat for added style and sun-protection. It was quite a hit with festival-goers!" - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



"I had a chance to stop by the Lacoste L!VE Desert Pool Party for some fruity beverages and DIY sneakers courtesy of P.S. - I made this. Other guests included Katy Perry (a complete sweetheart), Lea Michele and Victor Cruz (unfortunately there was no salsa dancing this time...)." - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



"Stacks of delicate jewelry and layers of brass and silver chains were high on the trend radar. I wore my George Frost Victory Ring every day alongside my CODE Rings (left). I also wore my CODE Arrow Earrings among other tiny adornments." - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



"On the last day of Coachella I decided to surprise our Instagram followers with a giveaway. I brought along five of our newest headwraps and informed our followers of my location throughout the day. The first five followers to find me received a free headwrap - you could say it was our take on Where's Waldo." - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager



"One of our winners found me at The 1975 concert and was clearly thrilled with her new headwrap!" - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager 



"Overall it was a great experience filled with some incredible sunsets, good music and lots of friends. I'll definitely be back next year." - Lexi, Digital Marketing Manager